Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Cadenheads and OMC Dalmores

I have a sample of the previous Dalmore from Cadenheads from Mark which I can’t find anywhere!  When I dig it out I’ll post it up.

I don’t share the general hatred of Dalmore due to premiumisation.  I also don’t share the general bad will towards Macallan, which I’m quite enjoying of late (more on that another time).  I would challenge you to taste these two blind and tell me you don’t like them.

Hunter Laing Old Malt Cask, Dalmore 1996, 16 years old, 50% A⊕

Refill hogshead 9816, October 1996 to May 2013, 371 bottles.

October 1996 to May 2013.  Thanks to Mark Newton for the sample.

dalmore-16-year-old-1996-cask-9816-old-malt-cask-hunter-laing-whiskyNose - Do you know what… this is much classier than I was expecting. Great old school cask (musky, floral, sour and slightly funky, but really sweet vanilla) with a big whack of toffee behind it. Enormous toffee in fact, with mint bonbons (those chalky ones). What I love about this nose is the balance between mineral, oak, musk, mint and toffee - it's quite sublime.

Body - Quite fiesty, as promised by the nose, more floral toffee and after eights. Big, beautiful, balanced malt here though, extremely drinkable.

Finish - Long, chocolatey with colgate toothpaste. Ripe and slightly dirty at the end.

Just an excellent whisky. Highly recommended.

Cadenheads Small Batch April 2016, Dalmore 25 years old, 56.3% A+

1990-2016, Sherry Butt, 474 bottles

20160412_202008Nose - White wine, deodorant, a touch of sushi (white rice, sugar and vinegar) and smouldering oak on exhale. Quite masculine, very mature, but that white wine freshness picks it up and balances it out. Complex and lovely. Better with water, it opens up with candle wax, peach, celery and white flowers balancing out the mature brown sugar and leather tones.

Body - Tighter than the nose would suggest, although maybe the whisky just needs some time to open up… sweet but slightly cardboardy neat. Much better with water - more white wine, more funk, darker brown sugar and some burnt pastry.

Finish - Very long, fruity and sour, Christmas cake (royal icing).

A complicated, mature and structured whisky that I think will develop with time in the open bottle. Already it has a fantastic, mature nose, but the delivery needs to open up a little.

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