Thursday, 31 March 2016

Exile Casks

A new venture by the Caskstrength guys, casks that were exiled, lost and found in the back of warehouses.  I was expecting a big backstory about the casks we tasted at their recent tweet tasting but I think they were too busy drinking in Soho whisky club to type it all out on their phones!  Luckily the whisky we tried was excellent.  The first bottle, Trojan, is out this afternoon at 1pm at  The second is a sample from a cask that hasn’t been bottled or named yet. 

The Trojan, 1990, cask #3110, 57.1% A+

Refill hogshead, 25yo from Speyside.

TheTrojanNose - Sweet, dark, lacquered. Cherry whistles, school library (plastic book covered, fountain pen ink). Slight petrolic? Quite enticing. Red apple skin, crayons and refreshing like chilled white wine. A fantastic, high class nose. Juicier but with more grown up notes - wood and structure. What an amazing cask!

Body - Rich, cakey, lots of raisin and sherry notes. Very hot, a touch of black pepper and lots of wood. Better with water, although it loses some of the rich raisin.

Finish - Long and tannic with lots of varnish and wood oils. Ripe and fruity but bitter and numbing. Less of a bruiser with water and ultimately better balanced.

A seriously intense cask on this one, amazing for a refill bourbon, lots of gravitas. I guess it must have been heavily charred, recharred or something? Either way the nose on this whisky is just wonderful. The delivery is less amazing but still very good, I love the intensity of fruit, wax and wood. Recommended… but don’t hang about if you want one of these.

Exile, 1992, Cask 1602, 55.5% A⊕+

Distilled 9th April 1992, 200 litre refill American Sherry Butt

Nose - Cleaner cask, slightly toastier, with very ripe fruit (peach maybe) and lots of balanced sweetness. Foam bananas. Deliciously ripe with water.

Body - Burnt wick, burning candle wax, intensely sweet. Wood bitterness but complex and ripe with a touch of sulphur and a lovely balanced spice. Burnt splint with water… damn it's so sweet but it works so well!

Finish - Very long, intense and very sweet right to the end. Boiled sweets and stewed tea.

My guess would be Auchentoshan for this one.  I’m terrible at guessing distilleries though.

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