Sunday, 6 March 2016

Elements of Islay–Peat

The first non-single malt in the Elements range, this is a vatted malt and will be an core part of the range (although I wish they’d put a batch number on it, but I like that kind of thing).  Making good Islay blends appears to be pretty easy, they’re all so good, and this is no exception.  Young Caol Ila is a wonderful thing.

Elements of Islay, Peat, 59.3% A⊕

elem_pea1Nose - Big, bright, mineral peat, sweet and fruity, very blonde with waxed lemon. This is very Big Peat at Christmas, I've read that with other people's reviews but it's undeniable. Coastal, exciting and balanced. Sweeter with water, it's very good.

Body - Fresh, salty and very sweet. Salt and vinegar chipsticks all the way, candied cranberries and chewed orange peel. Chocolate dipped in young, peated Bunnahabhain with water. That rich chocolate note is very good…

Finish - Right into licked deodorant and lipsalve. We're definitely not in Big Peat territory now. Waxy, oily and numbing and slightly tropical. Cigars at the end.

There's something funky in here that turns me on. I think it's a dirty Kilchoman cask. A superb vatted malt, highly recommended.

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