Wednesday, 24 February 2016

SMWS February Outturn Stragglers

A couple of late arrivals from the February outturn due to labelling issues, apparently - these were released on February 12th.  The Penderyn was one of the most interesting looking bottles on the outturn so I was sad to not see it before!  £80 for a 7 year old Welsh whisky is a bit sharp but ultimately the proof is in the drinking.

SMWS 77.41, Citric zing and spicy tingles, Glen Ord, 12 years old, 61.4% A+

17th April 2003, 264 bottles, refill bourbon

Nose - Meaty and minty. Cross channel ferry - petrol and rubber tyres. An eaten grapefruit squeezed into the bowl for its juice, and custard creams. Men's perfume (woody and herbal, but sweet and musky) and a little permanent marker. Very satisfying. More black fruit with water.

Body - Deep, oily, mint toffee, plum and then fresh tobacco (the taste and the numbing). Very juicy with water.

Finish - Blackcurrants. Drying tannins balancing the sweet fruit. Very long.

A deeply satisfying, balanced but intense refill bourbon drammer with lots of fruit and lots of structure.


SMWS 128.6, Rumbling, reverberating, resonances, Penderyn, 7 years old, 59.9% A⊕

19th July 2008, 270 bottles, first fill Madeira hogshead. I love Madeira and usually Madeira cask whiskies.

Nose - Dark but sharp and winey. Lots of window putty and marzipan, rich vanilla and butter. Baked raisins and lemon floor polish. The slightly weird combination of darkly sweet, citrus and almonds makes me think of Moroccan food. Definite leather and tobacco with water, riper but more masculine, with an austere vegetal note like green pepper.

Body - Although it tastes nothing like truffles, this is slightly dirty, even sexual, in that same sort of way truffles are. It's the juxtaposition again of the meaty, nutty, herbal notes with the fruit and red wine. Rather good. With water, the sulphur that was causing all this excitement finally comes above my detection threshold. I like it.

Finish - Winey and minty (a horrible combination that works here against the odds). Red wine that is, and mint toffee, and slightly burnt oak.

A fantastic nose on this quite challenging, strange whisky that pulls it all out of the bag. Highly recommended if you're a jaded whisky drinker who wants their fancy tickled and owns a time machine (sadly I think this is sold out).


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