Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Littlemill Private Cellar Reserve, 25 years old

I’ve not had too many Littlemills.  They are starting to pass into legend as the disillery’s closure date fades into the past.  Well, they didn’t just close it, they closed it, dismantled it, burned it to the ground, and then built a housing estate on top of it.  I’d say it’s probably not going to start producing whisky again any time soon.  Anyway, I’ve had a TBWC one (pretty good) and a Lady of the Glen one (excellent) and the Cadenheads one (also excellent).  They were all indies, so it’s nice to try something official, even if it is posthumously.  A million thanks to Joe for giving me the remains of his sample of this, I didn’t make it onto the Tweet Tasting.

Littlemill Private Cellar Edition, 25 years old, 50.4% A⊕

littlemill-25-year-old-private-cellar-edition-2015-whiskyNose - Fresh, important, waxy, fruity and elegantly polished. Big juicy fruit, fruit salad chews, window putty and cut grass. Toffee and apple wood with a little time. You know when, after all the old single cask indies you've been drinking you try an old official bottling (way out of your price range but probably not even as old as the single casks), and it just has more gravitas? That’s the case here. Maybe it's the marketing. Anyway, this smells important to me. Even better with water, with Pret Love Bars, roasted plums and even classier wood.

Body - Vibrant, wooded, toasty. Toffee apples, boiled sweets. Oily. Gentler with water, mouthcoating still and still with gravitas, but a lot toppier than before.

Finish - Very long, quite hot, big fruit tannins, herbal with an astringent note, like grapefruit speared with rosemary.

A very special whisky on the nose. Structured and important on the delivery, although a little more citrus and younger that I'd expected. This is a great whisky, unfortunately for a highly amusing price, only one per customer!

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