Friday, 29 January 2016

Glenmorangie–Midwinters & Milsean

Had a few lined up for this post but no time like the present.  The theme was going to be… isn’t the 10 year old boring but aren’t these other ones rather good?  I really quite like the midwinters one, a proper drinker.

Glenmorangie A Midwinter Night's Dram, 43% A+

A Christmas special just gone; some bourbon, some sherry oak, NAS.

glenmorangie-a-midwinter-nights-dram-whiskyNose - Gentle but very sweet, intensely jewelled with lovely cask musk. Vanilla sponge, buttercream, orange icing and orange matchmakers. Cherry lipsalve. A lovely, cosy nose, really juicy.

Body - Fresh, orangey, some zippy citrus and quite a lot of spice. Juicy though, quite refreshing.

Finish - Complex orange oils and big oak, but it does fall apart a little in the finish - a simplicity and lack of body.

Bearing in mind the price point and audience for this, I can forgive the one dimensional finish and lack of midrange, I love the fat citrus oil on the nose. Delicious.

Glenmorangie Private Edition VII Milsean, 46% A+

Following on from Tùsail, this seventh private edition release is finished for 2.5 years in Portuguese red wine barriques.

glenmorangie-milsean-private-edition-whiskyNose - Sweet (boiled sweets, seaside rock), not winey at all, but with a sharpness like deodorant and refreshers. Something slightly herbal, almost medicinal in here too. Pretty delicious though.

Body - Soft, warm but also sharp, big citrus bitterness behind a deep winey sweetness (plenty of midrange this time). Quite compelling although a bit weird (that sharp bitterness, with the meaty edge isn't very Glenmorangie).

Finish - Long and slightly meaty - charred pork in there with red wine cask, refreshers and what strikes me as a touch of peat… very odd.

This is a bit more challenging than I'd expected, not as universally sweet as billed. I think the Midwinters dram is sweeter (and more drinkable). Reasonably compelling, I'd go for it.

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