Monday, 7 December 2015

Some Auchentoshans

One of the benefits or organising my samples “collection” (more like, backlog) is that I can now browse it for flights and discover things I’d long forgotten. I’m developing a real love of Auchentoshan through SMWS bottlings but they can be a bit variable.  

Whiskybase Archives - Auchentoshan 1990, 23 years old, 47.7% A+

11.11.1990 to 09.2014, 71 bottles, hogshead.  I think I’m indebted to Sjoerd for this one.

archivesNose - Mature, dusty and official. Lovely cask, lots of chocolate bars, and a little black forest gateaux on exhale. Hot radiator, curly wurly bars and glacé cherries. After time, very clearly Christmas pudding - properly cooked with thick cream. This really is an expensive nose and I can see this could have graced the vatting for an extremely expensive official bottling. With water, fruitier and muskier, but less good.

Body - Spicy, toasted and caramel musk. A lovely, rich mouthfeel - very masculine with fresh sweat and leather. Lacks a bit of midrange though, where that official vatting would have picked up the baton with another cask.

Finish - Medium, chocolatey and rich. Some spice - like a mild chilli chocolate. Good balance but a little thin.

What a fantastic nose on this mature Auchentoshan, but it lacks meat and midrange in the delivery.

Whiskybroker Auchentoshan 1995, 17 years old, 53.5% A-

auch_WB_thumbNose - Delightful - zippy and casky with lemon musk but full of chocolate and the toffee bit in mint humbugs. Mineral but toffeed - a combination I adore. With water, significantly more fruity, very compelling.

Body - Chocolate, toffee and mint again. Maybe a little youth and quite spicy.

Finish - Long and sour, some orange wax and grapefruit zest, quite drying.

A lovely nose on this one, quite sour and ordinary on the delivery unfortunately, but not funky or wrong in any way.

Berry Bros and Rudd, Auchentoshan 1984, 29 years old, 46% A⊕

Thanks to Stumbler for this beauty!  I’m afraid the only picture I could find of this was on your blog so I have stolen it, as well as 3cl out of your bottle.

BBRNose - Dreamy. Massive chocolate again. Darkly waxed, ripe black fruit and a wine gum sweetness behind this, Turkish Delight too? Floral - handsoap (and no that's not my hands, this time!). Ripe and attractive.

Body - Wow… that was unexpected. Although I vaguely remember being told to expect it! Old Bowmore - ripe Refreshers, dusty alien Islay. Delicious too, perfectly fruity against its characteristic spice and bitterness. Like chewing a perfectly balanced air freshener full of whisky.

Finish - Very long, prefect Refreshers all the way down. Fizzy, fruity and balanced bitterness.

This is weird, intense and compelling. And absolutely delicious. Only jaded palates need apply!

BTW I was going to call this blog post “Auchentoshantastic” but bottled it.

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