Thursday, 17 December 2015

Glenfiddich–The Original

This recent limited edition whisky from Glenfiddich is based on the original 1963 “straight malt”, considered to be the worlds first commercial single malt.  I first tasted this out of Mark Thomson’s hip flask, a little while before it was announced, on a dark rainy evening in the SMWS bar, after a whole outturn tasting session.  Even after 4 hours of concentration on cask strength single caskers this peaked my interest, and I’ve been waiting to get to grips with it properly ever since.

Glenfiddich, the original, 40% A+

glenfiddichNose - Dark skinned, ripe, cut, red apple, wooded toffee, bracken and wet rolling tobacco. A little murky and unmistakably Glenfiddich. A touch of orange zest and wet cardboard. It has that dusty, oaky sweetness that I really associate with big Glenfiddich (although this is clearly a younger whisky).

Body - Spicy, a little chocolate, lots of wood and a rounded sweetness. The fruit is restrained but clear, with ripe pear - it's quite a refreshing delivery.

Finish - Astringent wood sour but well balanced. Good, if slightly sharp oils. Medium long, rather drinkable.

This is a solid whisky and I've tried to give it an objective score based on its qualities - I would happily sit down to drink something of this quality all night. However it has another, highly important quality for me. It reminds me of old Glenfiddich and therefore allows me to scratch an itch which would otherwise cost me £300-£400 a bottle to scratch. Factor that in, if it does that for you, and it's a big winner. Personally, I love this.

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