Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Glendronach–Green Welly 50th bottle 3

Here’s the third and final bottling on behalf of Green Welly for their 50th anniversary.  The first was an excellent 11 year old PX cask Glendronach too.  The middle bottle was a 10 year old Arran – also excellent.  God bless GW, here’s to another 50.

Glendronach, The Green Welly Stop, 50th Anniversary 3rd release, 12 years old, 55.2% A⊕

2003-2015, PX Puncheon 4102, 697 bottles.

Nov15-GlenDronach50th3Nose - Another cracker. Classy, bright, red fruits and beautiful fresh oak planks. Great depth (waxy cask) and sweetness (neat orange squash) nicely offset by fresh juice (orange and lime) and herbal tones (rosemary on the bush, sandalwood). It's very inviting - if you like the OB 12 year old you'll love this. With water, there's more of a mucky tropical nose, still a lovely balance.

Body - The sweet sherry and herbal astringency continues into the palate; unripe mango and chilli, a touch of lovely sulphur and fizzing, numbing Sichuan peppercorns are top dressing to an undercurrent of intense, fruity sweetness. Balance and intensity.

Finish - Very long, salty, lots of wood and classic PX cask stuff. Glendronach does very well in PX and I've had a few epic late teens in PX but not one this good this young before. Grapefruit zest and sandalwood again at the end. It does come a little unstuck right at the end with water (too much grapefruit bitterness) but the nose makes it worth it… one to play with anyway.

This is seriously good - a drier PX cask with significant depth and well balanced by excellent spirit. Highly recommended.

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