Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Auchentoshan Blood Oak

A new one for Travel Retail, this is a decently priced OB Auchentoshan - a marriage of red wine and bourbon casks with a deep red colour.   

Auchentoshan Blood Oak, 46% A+

auchentoshan-14-year-old-blood-oak-whiskyNose - Musky cask (that'll be the red wine) and incredibly sweet on the nose (that’ll be the bourbon). Earth, cherry lip gloss and icing. A little raspberry jam and marzipan - practically bakewell tart with that bourbon. It's interesting and rather good, but a bit lewd and lacks integration… so far.

Body - Immediately a little sour, thin and woody, but mellows almost immediately with the sweet pastry notes rushing in to back it up. Then orange icing and lovely wood bitterness.

Finish - Quite long and more sweet pastry and bourbon goodness, more marzipan. The lasting impression is one of a very sweet, pastried whisky balanced out by sour, waxy orange zest and good wood, and a proper dunnagey feel behind all this.

This has a lot going for it - big wood, wine and cask, lots of pastry and orange and slightly odd. And it works! But it's a little obvious - I'd find it a bit tiring to deal with a whole bottle.

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