Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Ardbeg Supernova 2015

This was released at the same time as results were published for an experiment that compared whisky aged IN SPACE to whisky aged on earth.  I always thought that whisky that had been shaken up in a test tube on the way into orbit was bound to be a different to that which hadn’t, and I wasn’t surprised in any case that zero gravity maturation had an effect on the presumably incredibly complex interaction between wood and whisky, but either way it got us all talking about the whisky.  Luckily, it’s excellent.

Ardbeg, Supernova 2015, 54.3% A⊕

ardbegsupernova2015Nose - Deep but bright, but more lemon meringue pie than any other whisky I've nosed. Good cereal peat, dusty first fill bourbon cask, toasted almonds, wet soil and heavily charred, wet oak chunks. A hint of old ice cubes. It does put me slightly in mind of one of the Octomores with its slightly funky, lemon, intense peat. Interesting…

Body - Deeply sweet lemon sherbet, ripe green apple, very sweet but deliciously balanced – quite meaty and complex. Some (unlit) menthol tobacco. With all these e-fags, what are future ex-smokers going to base their tasting notes on? This is deeper and more satisfying than I'd hoped for, and deliciously balanced.

Finish - Long, more tobacco and a little garage forecourt (rubber, oil, travel sweets). With water, more rubbery with some hot radiator and cheap ice cream. It's better than I'm making that sound, again.

Challenging and mucky, fruity and balanced, incredibly drinkable and with real depth, this is pretty special.

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  1. Great review... just came across it as I was sampling this dram last night and wanted to see if others enjoyed it as much as I did... I reviewed it here if interested... did not have you down as a big Ardbeg fan...