Monday, 7 September 2015

Springbank Green batch 2, Sherry Cask (preview)

The year long wait for the second batch of Springbank Green is nearly over!  As reported nearly a year ago the first batch of Green was all bourbon cask, and the second batch would be a 13 year old all in sherry casks, released Autumn 2015. 

I tried a cask sample/preview of this at the London Cadenheads recently (as I did for the Port cask release) and I’m pleased to report that it’s fully awesome.  It’ll be out in a month or so and won’t last long – Springbank are on fire at the moment and sold out their 9000 bottle allocations of the new batch of 12 year old cask strength and Longrow Red in about a day (tasting notes to follow shortly), so I wouldn’t hang about for this one when it’s released.

The sample is at 50% and is 12 years old.  It’ll be at 46% when bottled and maybe we’re waiting for it to  be 13 years old, I’m not sure. 

Springbank Green batch 2 cask sample, sherry cask, 2003, 50% A⊕

20150904_145622Nose – Ripe with lovely sour top notes, very red winey.  A belt of engine oil, cut floorboards and dried orange slices.  Light structural peat, cut, unripe lemon and shredded sage.  It’s like a slightly young 14 year old local barley (and that is a very good thing).  With water (bearing in mind this will be bottled with a little more water),a touch of coffee, softer wood, more rich fruit.

Body – Classic Springbank – tons of midrange, engine oil, French oak, numbing tannins, red wine and black cherry.  With water, dusty, dark wood and a little juicier.

Finish – Tannic, perfect sulphur balance, ripe pear and glace cherry.  With water, very long, tannic red wine.

A classic Springbank – red fruit, tobacco, engine oil and very ripe.

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