Monday, 28 September 2015

Cadenheads September 2015

Cadenheads in September – some of it didn’t last long enough to get to try (the Royal Brackla), some is selling so quick there’s no tasting stock (the Cambus) and luckily the Burnside was already open! These are all rather good though, if it wasn’t for the whisky show at the weekend, first Friday at SMWS and the threat of another 45+ bottle outturn in November I’d be struggling not to walk away with all of these.  For the money, the Glen Elgin and Blair Athol are just amazing.  The Glenrothes is a big vanilla beauty that comes close to matching that small old bourbon cask in the dunnage warehouse at the distillery.  The Linkwood is epic.

There’s some good stuff coming next time too – a 20 year old Caol Ila, a 23 year old Caperdonich hopefully, and another 13 year old Hazelburn.  Remember, in the whisky world, Christmas is coming… be very afraid!

Burnside 26 years old, 48.8% A+

Burnside-cr-200x300Nose - Lovely sweet, ripe and appley, fresh crayon. A beautiful cask.

Body - Intense, fruity, oily, cherry and apple wood. Quite a lot of spice. Angular, blonde oak with water.

Finish - Long oak and a belt of bitterness. Juicy and spicy.

A beautiful nose on this but just let down a touch by the spice and bitterness in the delivery.

Glenrothes 26 years old, 52.3% A+

Glenrothes 26-cr-200x300Nose - Light, gentle wood, fresh green pears and strawberry laces, lots of custard. Effortless and gentle.

Body - Vanilla icing, very creamy - cherry and dusty books.

Finish - Spicy - very hot actually. Long with orange juice and wood sour.

A fabulous nose on this and a lovely initial delivery - wonderful oak and vanilla throughout. Again, knocked at the very end.

Blair Athol 14 years old, 46% A⊕

Blair Athol 14 Sherry-cr-200x300Nose - Deliciously balanced between cask, sour plums, toasted wet and lightly charred wood. Cut red cherries and cherry chocolate cake. A wonderfully balanced, interesting sherry nose.

Body - Bright, sweet oak - incredible balance and depth for a 14 year old. Intense but quite gluggable, lots of antique furniture and popcorn.

Finish - Long, sweet and fruity, with jelly snakes and balancing sulphur. Lovely.

Glen Elgin 23 years old, 46% A⊕+

G Elgin 23-cr-200x300Nose - Immediately beautiful, sour furniture polish on fresh acrylic varnish, hard oak sawdust. Deep fruit and sulphur, fabulous.

Body - Deliciously fruity, liquorice too. Cream, balanced, and very old.

Finish - Long, refreshers and balanced but intense oak. Delicious and an absolute bargain with old Islay overtones and lovely wood.

I will have trouble resisting this.

Linkwood 26 years old, 50.2% A⊕+

Linkwood 26 sherry-cr-200x300Nose - Bright, jewelled sweets, raisins in Sauternes, lovely clean sherry wood. Underneath, orange juice and mixed peel - elegant and tropically sweet.

Body - Long, sweet, fruity and mouth coating. Orange zest and marzipan, incredibly delicious.

Finish - Long, tickled by sulphur and oak.

Another epic old whisky with a gold label.




  1. Hi Ben
    Did you taste the 14 yr old Caol Ila?

    1. no, sorry - I meant to ask for a go on that one but forgot (distracted by extra Glenrothes and talk of interesting things in 2016)