Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Signatory Vintage, Imperial 1995 Cask #50164

Spending, as I do, so much time exploring single cask indies, it’s quite rare that I manage to get notes out while the whisky is still in stock!  This one is though, and comes highly recommended.

Signatory Vintage, Imperial 19 years old, 54.6% A⊕

Hogshead #50164, 21.08.1995 to 06.03.2015, 273 bottles.


Nose – Gentle, but deep and classy.  Ballpoint pen, lacquered wood, sour plum and strawberry chewits. Deep, sharp, balanced and intensely sweet, with bright, waxy cologne highlights and overall, very special.  More so now than when I first opened the sample actually, some time and O2 have opened the nose up.  Water brings a little more citrus fruit and juice, and some pastry.

Body – Intense – lots of toffee, some spice, a lot of wood, some preserved lemon, a backing of spirit sulphur.  Quite a nutty, dry backing behind that sweetness.  This is actually quite a robust whisky, but balanced and engaging.

Finish – Medium, nutty and some pine, drops the ball a little at the end in terms of complexity – at least compared to the nose.  A big, numbing, grapefruit finale.  Delicious stuff though.

What’s not good about it – Robust – if you’re reaching for a gentle, well rounded married malt from the bottler, you won’t reach for this.  Water softens things out a little but it’s less interesting, I’d stick to the full cask strength experience for a bit.  The finish isn’t as compelling as the nose but that’s a minor point when the rest works so well.

What’s good about it – Fantastic nose, great complexity, very interesting and engaging, serious stuff.  What a cracking cask!

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