Friday, 5 June 2015

Kilchoman 100% Islay, 5th Edition

The 4th is still my summer favourite – everything about it says the second night on a beach holiday.  And classic Kilchoman too – read my rather gushing review from last year here.  2015 brings another batch of this whisky, created entirely on Islay.  I must say I’ve found every single “Islay everything” whisky I’ve tried to be fantastic, what an island.  Hooray for Islay and Kilchoman, and hooray for the 5th edition!

Kilchoman 100% Islay, 5th edition A⊕

kilchoman-100-islay-5th-edition-whiskyNose - Bright ozone and freshly cut grapefruit. Really fruity, like a seabreeze (the cocktail), bacardi, a touch of wet cardboard and just a little cinnamon. Sawdust peat and peppered salami. Bright and summery. Water brings more fruit, refreshers and clean skin.

Body - Sweet then intensely sour (again, like grapefruit), more sawdust and some digestive biscuit. Just an echo of pear drops.  Enormously sweet but balanced by bitter peat.

Finish - Long, lemon scented peat and astringent. Sherbet lemons and cardboard at the end. Lovely.

What's not good about it - not the most complex dram in the world…

What's good about it - … but still one of the summeryist. I love the breezy, lemon juice, clean sweat and grapefruit. And Kilchoman spirit is so damn good…

Compared to the 4th edition (which I have a bottle of and has been open for nearly a year) -

On the nose, the 4th is grapier, winier, more granite peat. Dustier and more sun baked. The 5th is deeper, some more toffee, and a little waxier.

Delivery, the 4th is still wonderful - intense, toasted, bright peat, classic Kilchoman. The 5th is more three dimensional, with an almost Limoncello ending. Wonderful stuff.  Overall, although the 5th looks better on paper the 4th is still my favourite.  A little more austere and more sun bleached – take one on that staycation to Kent.  Both great though.

Thanks to Kilchoman for the sample!

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