Monday, 11 May 2015

Lady of the Glen–Glen Garioch 21 year old

Of the four LotG whiskies I’ve tried, there’s been a couple that have really done it for me (the Ben Nevis and the Littlemill) and a couple not so much, but most importantly (for a new IB finding its way) the whisky has always been interesting and challenging and worth drinking.  So I always look forward to what’s next…

Lady of the Glen Glen Garioch, 21 years old, 56.4% A-

1993, American Oak bourbon cask 798, 250 bottles.  Available from Lady of the Glen directly or Master of Malt.

glen-garioch-21-year-old-1993-lady-of-the-glen-hannah-whisky-merchantsNose - Sweet but structured. On the sweet hand: strawberry laces, opal fruits, plastic book covers and honeyed flowers. On the structured hand: light wood, men's deodorant, cut grass and metal filings. Overall a bit mineral/cakey cereal.  With water, better integrated, with more sweetshop, proper cask age showing and the herbal element makes sense. An interesting, oaky, waxy Scotch, with plenty of hair on its chest.

Body - Strong cereal, tannic with quite a lot of spice. Rich and chewy, sweet and spicy, a good balancing touch of sulphur. Better, with water - juicier sweetness (glace cherry and more of that fake strawberry).

Finish – Medium, burnt meat, lingering (good) sulphur and very hot. Water brings out the cereal and sulphur nicely, balancing it off the sweetness and turns down the heat - much better.

What's not good about it - It's not enormously interesting neat. Better with water, but overall this whisky struggles with unbalanced masculine elements like spice, bitterness, sulphur and tannins.  Overall competent, but this is a lot of money for a 21 year old that isn’t quite working.

What's good about it - The sweet fruit and wood on the nose is lovely and well balanced. 

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