Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rock Oyster TT–Douglas Laing

Quite honestly I held this review back because I wanted to buy the 17 year old bunna and couldn’t find it anywhere, but I’ve given up now (as I recall I loved the 16yo from the whisky show last year, and had to locate that too).  Someone sort find me a bottle!

Anyway, this was another fantastic DLaing tweet tasting…. the new “Big Peat”, Rock Oyster, plus OP’s from the constituent whiskies of this vatted malt.

Rock Oyster, 46.8% A+

rock-oyster-whiskyNose - Sweet red berries, waxed wood, ozone and samphire. A hint of structural peat. Light, slightly feminine and well balanced. A seafood platter by the seaside, lemon juice, crisp white wine and a passing smoker.

Body - Delicious peat carries through spicy wood, toasted cereal and intense sweetness with a little aniseed. More fags - Malboro lights, tasted on the lips after it's been put out.

Finish - Oily, medium, bright red fruit, a lingering wood sour and a touch of spice.

While I was nonplussed with Timorous Beastie and Scallywag, Big Peat and Rock Oyster are firm favourites.  I’m usually pretty plussed with the Old Particular stuff though, and the packaging/design is so lovely….

Old Particular Arran 18 year old, 48.4% A+

(17yo OP review here)

arran-18-year-old-1996-cask-10529-old-particular-douglas-laing-whiskyNose - Arran beauty. Bright, shiny, juicy and very fruity. Ripe pears, juicy red apple, marzipan and toffee pennies. Intense, lush and musky and fecund. A touch of bubblegum and scented candle. Lovely and lewd.

Body - Intensely sweet; cough candy and more bubblegum. Some balancing wood and spirit sulphur, varnished plywood and black pepper.

Finish - Long, intense, spicy, sweet tannins and Edinburgh rock. Peppery. A wonderful nose, perhaps a touch too sweet on the delivery.

Old Particular Bunnahabhain 17 years old, 48.4% A⊕+

bunnahabhain-17-year-old-1997-cask-10584-old-particular-douglas-laing-whiskyNose - Very different, significantly more masculine for a start. A big hit of flash floor cleaner, waxy and sweetly peated, wet wood and citronella candle, and some ozone. Very interesting, very bunna, lots to live up to.

Body - Woody and peppery, pencil shavings and charred toast. Loads of sulphur, almost but not quite fried onions, sudden bursts of fruit and grilled lemon juice. Granite, lemon toffee, and menthol fags.

Finish - Long, balanced and dirty, with hand soap and chewed pencils. Lingering seawater.

Sold out but a sample still available from DBTD here.

Old Particular Highland Park, 18 years old, 48.4% A⊕

highland-park-18-year-old-1995-cask-10161-old-particular-douglas-laing-whiskyNose - Subtle, waxed wood and sweet, floral air freshener. Dusty like an unlit joss stick. Floral like roses and makeup. Butter on the tongue just from nosing this.

Body - Bright, sour and intensely wooded. A surprise belt of dusty peat and confectionary sweetness.

Finish - Lingering coastal notes of rope, sea shells and sand, sulphur brings the fishery - the restaurant by the sea is in here too. Toffee, wood and shells.

Provenance Talisker, Young and Feisty, 46% A

Nov14-TaliskerFeistyNose - Sweet, strikingly bright, roast pork fat and pine cooked mussels. Lit joss sticks, plenty of rope and tar from the end of the cigarette. Some hot road tar too, but mainly lots of sweet, melting pork fat.

Body - Sweet, balanced, easy drinking but extremely peated. Bitter sour like grapefruit, unlit tobacco, and tequila.

Finish - Tasty. Tasty, bright and gripping, citrus sour. Then falls apart a bit at the end. Jolly good fun.

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