Thursday, 26 March 2015

Tomatin 21 year old, BBR

Thanks Stumbler, for this.  Twice.  I’m so interested in trying this I got him to send it to me, lost the sample, forgot about it and got him to send it again! I’m enjoying my 6cl, cheers dude.

Tomatin 21 year old, Berry Bros and Rudd, 54.8% A⊕

tomatin-21-year-old-1991-cask-51-berry-brothers-and-rudd-whiskyNose – This is the second funky Tomatin I’ve had this week.  The nose is dark, dank, rich and Asian.  Very un-Tomatin.  Asian fruit, tomato ketchup, black pepper, sulphur, toast and nutella.

Body – Rich, ripe, fruity and dirty.  There’s Tomatin fruit and structure in here now, but buried under musky sulphur and wood.

Finish – Long, intense, vegetal (but perfectly done) and tasty with apple and wethers originals. 


What’s not good about it – Not very Tomatin.

What’s good about it – this is a massive whisky, and it works really well.  The Asian fruit on the nose doesn’t quite dominate the Tomatin fruit on the delivery and the whole thing is complex and perfectly integrated.

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