Sunday, 8 March 2015

Springbank 12 year old, Port Finish, Cadenheads

EDIT: Please note that this is a Springbank distillery bottling, not a Cadenheads bottling as originally thought!

EDIT 2: More bottle details now in from Springbank; single cask, UK only, 680 bottles

You’ve got to love Cadenheads.  Some of the biggest, most interesting whiskies coming from independents and hooked right into Springbank.  There’s been some real gems recently - that Benromach 38, the Caol Ila 30 year old (review soon), Bruichladdich 35yo, loads of interesting rums.  I could spend hours in there – look anywhere in the shop and there’s something interesting with their label on. 

This Springbank is still sitting in a (refill, I think) port cask and should be bottled the week after Easter, landing in the shop late April, early May.  It’s a lovely, atypically feminine and elegant whisky that retains that Springbank “thing”, a bit like the Green does.  It should take on a bit more cask over the next few weeks.  My pre-order is made!

Springbank 12 year old, 2003, refill port (?) 58.4% (cask sample) 

Official Springbank bottling, single cask, UK only, 680 bottles.

20150306_123440Nose - Clean, clear, juicy and fresh (but very light) port. Lightly peated barley. A touch of engine oil, fresh barley, some plum, a little stainless steel, some dunnage. Altogether very clean, restrained. With water, brighter fruit, almost citrus, and quite feminine. Lovely and elegant.

Body - Juicy, spicy, very Springbank, a touch of heat, some fennel and ginger. With water, just lovely, fresh and grapefruity.

Finish - Long and oily, sweet, quite hard oak.

There’s some great things coming soon too.  The London shop’s 20th anniversary is May 5th, and there will be a special bottling of Caol Ila 31 year old. They’re choosing between a refill and a fresh fill bourbon barrel.  Probably going for the fresh fill.  This will be the first time I’ve heard of a Caol Ila 31 years full term in first fill bourbon!

Other interesting Cadenhead labelled bottles coming soon:

Glentauchers 38 year old authentic collection 1976 (apparently amazing)

25 year old Tomatin – apparently very rich ,very fruity, orange whip.

Some amazing Glen Grants - small batch 19yo, 21 and 24 authentic.

Dailuaine 17yo in a Lafite cask.

Longrow, refill bourbon - 12yo

Laphroaig, refill bourbon (?) - 16yo

Arran - 18yo

“A small Australian distillery” 18yo, wine cask

Glenlivet 18yo, cask strength, bourbon cask

Ledaig, 21 yo

22yo Cooley peated

And 2 single grains.


  1. what did you make of the Bruichladdich 35 year old?

  2. I didn't try it, sadly they've never had a taster open when I've been there, only 1 bottle left now I think. Apparently it's spot on.

  3. Cheers Ben. Couldn't resist buying it as 70's Laddies so rarely come along these days... now to find the moment to open it! (I do have a good friend born in 1979...)

    1. Congratulations! Quite jealous. Let me know when you open it :)

  4. By the way, looks like an interesting 38 yo single cask North Point Brechin coming too!