Friday, 13 March 2015

Glenmorangie–the Unseen Bar popup

Last night I visited the Glenmorangie unseen bar, a popup bar in Soho (15, Bateman Street, W1D 3AQ) which runs until Sunday (March 15).  The theme is “the unseen lengths we go to to make the whisky”.

I learned a little about some of Glenmorangie’s whiskies – Signet is made with chocolate malt in the wash!  And had a particularly good old fashioned with caraway.  If you fancy it,  you can pick up a dram of some seriously old Glenmorangies including the 1963 – read more here

Glenmorangie have the highest stills in Scotland, 5.14m, exactly the height of every giraffe.  The place is therefore full of plastic giraffes.


The Original 10 year old, a blend of first fill and second fill ex-bourbon casks (American oak from the Ozark mountains).  This tight grained wood makes for a light, tight whisky.  Glenmorangie casks are only ever filled twice.

We then had the Signet.  This expensive expression contains whisky that was made with the mash containing 30% (!) chocolate malt, some designer casks (these have even tighter grain as they are from that same side of the forest as the Glen Moray designer casks that SMWS have), and some 1970s Glenmorangie in the blend.


Cocktails are a big part of the bar, this was the Tain Fashioned.  Excellent.


Then deeper into the room, there were the older whiskies on display and we tried a couple at the cheaper end!


The 18 year old, at 43%.  Light, elegant nose, some wax and pineapple, ripe pear.  Restrained, quite dry on delivery.

The 25 year old, finished in Burgundy casks.  Darker, sweeter, and a good wine finish.  Balanced, polite and clean.

They didn’t let me try the 1978 Pride!


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