Friday, 27 February 2015

Glendronach 11yo, Green Welly 50th Anniversary

This bad boy joins the cast of thousands of single cask Glendronachs out there. The good thing about PX puncheons is that (apart from making lots of whisky taste amazing) they're enormous, so this should remain in stock for a little while. This single cask was bottled for Green Welly Stop to mark their 50th anniversary and comes (for early customers) with a free GW glencairn.

Glendronach 2003, 11 years old, PX finish for the Green Welly Stop, 54.4% A⊕

5th March 2003 - January 2015, 649 bottles.

Jan15-GlenDronach50thNose - Deep, black fruit and oils. Rich, cakey with vanilla cream but balanced by complexity, good oak and toasted brazil nuts. Cigarette tobacco - I'm going for Marlboro reds this time. Really lovely. With water, richer and more classically sherry bombed, light spirit sulphur and malt.

Body - Deep menthol raisin, that liquorice allsort that was covered in cyan hundreds and thousands, cough candy and more nuts. Water brings orange and apple juice, fresher oak.

Finish - The first hint of the relative youth of this cracking Glendronach comes in the finish, with a little sourness, otherwise this could have been 19 year old. Then sweet, sweet cereal, sulphur and sandalwood. This is so good I'm having to go back for another dram to add water…

What's not good about it - Not much, perhaps that hint of youth in the delivery.

What's good about it - Bright, rich, complex and balanced. A cracking Glendronach and intensely likeable. Don't hesitate.

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