Saturday, 3 January 2015

SMWS Whisky for a year, and 72.36, Miltonduff, Holy Moly

Might as well start 2015 on a high note! This was July’s whisky for a year bottle from SMWS.  Thanks to Tom we split a couple of subs to the SMWS Whisky for a Year last year and so I received 10cl of each (one a month).  It was very, very good and this was one of the highlights.  If you look at the line-up, it’s worth the money and a great set – I reckon the whole lot would have set you back a grand.  Here’s what happened in 2014 (thanks Tom), with either my guess at the price or the actual price for the bottle.

January - 9.80 A Rocking Chair Dram £ 73.20

February - 7.83 Fresh, Airy, Sherbety £ 69.10

March - 26.98 Lively as an Electric Acrobat £ 49.40

April - 39.94 An Exotic Privilege £ 87.20

May - 35.112 Perfect Storm of Flavours £ 53.90

June - 76.110 Summer Fruit Salad with Cream £ 126.00

July - 72.36 Holy Moly £ 169.00

August - G1.12 Mouth Puckering Sweetness £ 61.20

September 50.58 A Seesaw of Spring Cleaning and Scones £ 99.60

October - 59.50 Comfortable in the chesterfield £ 120.90

November - 9.82 Breathe in Long £ 98.00

December - 36.81 A Mad Hatters Tea Party £ 48.00

I’m in for 2015.  More of these previous ones reviewed in coming months.  Cheers!

SMWS 72.36, Miltonduff, Holy Moly, 31 years old, 44.6% A⊕+

November 3rd 1981, 51 bottles, refill bourbon hogshead.

20150103_194904Nose – Wears its age as you’d expect; a sweet, ripe, waxy fruit bomb!  Candied peel, polystyrene cement, cheap raspberry jam and wood glue.  Actually just a hint of superglue?  Quite outrageous on the nose. Water (despite the low ABV) increases the intensity - even more waxy fruit and long chain molecules.  Joyous.

Body – An old, elegant thing.  Ripe, slightly spicy, enormous amounts of wax and wood and tropicality.  Apple and a cheese board, blueberries and brie.  Water brings the delivery under whisky strength for me, but again the fruit and cheese come through even stronger.  I won’t make a habit of diluting this.

Finish – Long (given enough of a sip), oily, almost blue cheesey in the decay, with spicy ammonia and clarty lactic notes right up the nose.  Very special – a real rollercoaster but also very old, elegant and rich.  Up there with the Tomatin 35 Cadenheads for me.

What’s not good about it – High cost and low outturn (although this is available to buy right now, having only been released as a whisky for a year bottle to 31 punters, and the rest released on my prompting!). Needs proper care and attention to appreciate.

What’s good about it – Massive, sexy and ancient.  Juicy, waxy, complex and important.  Worth it.

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