Thursday, 22 January 2015

SMWS Port Charlotte, 127.40, Mango chicken vindaloo

This baby seems to have hit SMWS bars only and perhaps isn’t destined for an outturn at all.  If you picked up a bottle somehow you did well, and if you see it in an outturn, score one ASAP.  Those I split a bottle with should be enjoying their drams about now!

SMWS 127.40, Mango chicken vindaloo, Port Charlotte, 12 years old, 63% A⊕

159 bottles, refill bourbon, 21st June 2002.

20150102_173844Nose - Classic PC. Intense barley, very sweet, dusty, bright peat, lemon cereal. Intense but gentle for a society PC. Lovely musky toffee notes and yes, chicken curry with fried turmeric and cardamom. With water, surprise floral toffee and beautiful musky wood.

Body - Intense sherbet lemon, lemon zest, toffee and gunpowder.

Finish - Very long, spicy lemon zest, sherbet dib dabs and fruit toffees.

Very special.


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