Wednesday, 3 December 2014

SWMS 53.207–Caol Ila–Cod wrapped in Parma ham

The other (sherried) Caol Ila from the enormous November outturn. 

SWMS 53.207, Caol Ila, Cod wrapped in Parma ham, 20 years old, 58.7% A⊕

Refill sherry butt, 572 bottles.

SMWS-0053-207NNose – Very sweet, gentle cereal, classic Caol Ila.  Heavily peated but even handed.  Ripe apple, marshmallow, hot dogs and a little steel wool.  More sweet wax with water.

Body – Shockingly sweet but balanced by intense oil and granite.  Seared cod wrapped in Parma ham (can’t deny it).  Toast and salted crisps.  With water, more integrated and a touch of wax comes through.

Finish – Refreshers.  Very long, oily and cereal sherry.  Toffee.  Weetabix.  Travel sweets and lavender with water.

What’s not good about it – Rather angular and lumpy in it’s delivery – there are gaps and the overall feel is intense and lacking a little integration. 

What’s good about it – Intense, balanced and seriously delicious.  Fascinating mineral balance on the nose and epic Caol Ila fun throughout.  Despite being an “industrial” distillery aimed at producing Islay peat for blends, the single late teen, 20+ year old casks SMWS have been releasing are spectacular.  You just can’t go wrong picking one of these up.

Thanks to Sarah at SMWS for the sample.

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