Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Springbank TWE Retro Label

Gotta collect them all!  Thanks Sjoerd for a taste of this one.  Curiously still in stock from release at the Whisky Show 2012 I think – why?

Springbank 1995 Cask Strength, TWE Retro Label, 56.5% A⊕

sprtwe1995Nose – Unexpectedly bright and light and dustily sappy.  Warm, rich wax, freshly planed oak planks, hair gel and elegantly balanced strawberry laces.  The oily, springer toffee lurks behind this fruit and fresh wood.  It is uncommonly fruity for a Springbank, with the dusty, tropical nose of a grand whisky.  It is seriously delicious.

Body – Bright, rich, oily tropical wood.  Elegant like an old Glenfiddich (and I’ve had a few of those recently).  Ripe fruit, a touch of sulphur and some fresh raspberry.  A bit of damp cardboard with water and good spirit sulphur comes through.

Finish – Long, a bit sour, good wood and oils.  Quite peppery.  Very moreish.

What’s not good about it – Slightly sour cereal, flat on the finish. 

What’s good about it – Enormous nose from humble openings – just unfolds and enfolds you.  Intense and complex on the nose, great sulphur and wood in the delivery.  Another winner!

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