Monday, 15 December 2014

Springbank Green 12 year old

A late review, thought I’d get it in before the bottle disappeared (lots to friends, don’t worry, and another held in backup). 
As I wrote before, this is a 12 year old whisky which was made with organic barley, and has been fully matured in bourbon casks.  Autumn 2015 will see a 13 year old fully in sherry casks.  The “Green” bit is because some of the ingredients aren’t organic – I can’t remember which, a technicality though.  The barley is organic, not that it matters at all to me.
Springbank Green, 12 years old, 46% A⊕+
spgreenNose – My initial reaction, with the freshly opened bottle, was joy at a more austere, pure elegant bourbon cask expression from Springbank. As this has opened up and I’ve worked through it though, my joy has deepened as the whisky has widened.  It’s certainly sappy (green, even, although I suspect next year’s sherry “green” won’t be), but unmistakably Springbank.  Apple, window putty, acrylic, sugar, almond croissant, sweet grain and barley sugar.  Lots of soft pastry, sugar mice and icing sugar, but balanced and structured.  Everything a fresh, bourbon cask Scotch should be, and pure Springbank. 
Body – Sweet, sharp, wooded arrival then a long, sweet delivery with toasted cereal, fresh musky sulphur, splints and sugar puffs.
Finish – Medium, slightly sulphured, quite light and refreshing, and then a tail of oily, pure toffee Springbank.  It’s a winner.
What’s not good about it – As a young whisky, nothing.  I look forward to the 13 year old and to enjoying many bottles of this 12 year old over the years.
What’s good about it – Fresh, balanced, complex, a touch of spirit sulphur, excellent distillery character and lovely structured sweetness.
Let’s have the 45 now, seeing as Jon was so good as to send me a drop.
Spirit of Freedom “The 45”, 45% (of course), A-
“The 45” blend consists of 45 different whiskies from across Scotland. This is being bottled following the Scottish Independence Referendum on September 18th 2014, in support of the 45% of the voting population who said “Yes".
springbank-spirit-of-freedom-45-blended-scotch-whisky-250Nose – Light, a little sweet, quite sour, some good wax, some Springbank tones of rich fruit, toffee and spirit sulphur, and quite a good ripe cherry and barley note. 
Body – Bright, good depth, like the sweetness but out of kilter obvious grain and a little heat.
Finish – Quite hot and grainy.  Quite long though. 
What’s not good about it – a bit too sour on the nose.  A bit unbalanced, and hot with the grain – but understandable at this price point.
What’s good about it – But no lack of intensity, good wax and sulphur and a good nose overall.  Obviously some good wood in here if a bit high on the grain for me.  And an absolute steal at £25.
And here, for the reader who commented on my “news” post from before, is my notes from the drinking hall at The Whisky Show where I tried the upcoming 17 year old “red” – all in sherry.
Nose – elegant, toffeed.  Body – very Springbank, lovely and strong and balanced sulphur.
There – you can see why I didn’t bother posting it before!  It did mark it out for me though, for future interest (which was the point of the note).  I’m certainly looking forward to the release in January.

I have finally reviewed the Springbank Red 17 - here

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