Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Springbank 1996, Cask #263

Available from time to time in auctions, this sounded amazing – thanks Sjoerd for the sample of this Springbank sherry bomb!

Springbank 1996, Cask #263, 54.9% A⊕

610 bottles.  This was distilled in 1996 then specially bottled in 2009 for Hanseatische Weinhandelsgesellschaft, Bremen (Hanseatic Wine Trading Company apparently, thanks Klaus!).

springbank-1996-cask-263Nose – Deep, rich wax and ripe black cherries.  Dusty oak and really dark sherry, crayons and school hallways.  Deeply feminine – roses, lip gloss and very sweet.  With water, becomes more simply feminine, adds more school floor polish but loses none of it’s allure.  A serious, expansive and balanced nose.

Body – Sweet, dusty wine and sherry, quite spicy and slightly vegetal, retronasally tropical.  With water, toast and sherry and hotter sulphur. 

Finish – Long, oily (of course), ripe and fecund with engine oil, mango, orange, cough sweets and more crayon.

What’s not good about it – Rather obviously sherried on the delivery, which descends a little into bitterness with water.

What’s good about it – Seriously impressive nose, balanced and enticing delivery, good sulphur balance.  Tropical burps.  A glorious whisky. 

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