Sunday, 30 November 2014

SMWS B3.1–A little box of treasures - Rocktown Bourbon

Someone said it’s been a decade since the last SMWS bourbon, way before my time certainly.  I tried one at Joe’s (final?) leaving drinks at SMWS Greville Street (Heaven Hill, cask 5) and it was seriously good.

December is shaping up to be a blockbuster outturn for both breadth and depth, with lots of Japanese casks, the oldest ever SMWS bottling and a “long lost friend from a closed distillery”… and this new bourbon. On the back of the 50 odd in November it’s been quite an expensive xmas so far!  This is in the December preview – wait until Friday for the full outturn.

SMWS B3.1, A little box of treasures - Rocktown Bourbon, 3 years old, 53.9% A+

15 July 2011, 238 bottles.

B3dT1RHCIAADMZQNose – Sweet vanilla, mineral oak, lilies, seaside rock sweet, driftwood and tobacco.  With water, separates into charred oak, granite and flowers.

Body – Intensely sweet.  Ripe cherries, fresh oak cask, and coconut.  With water, fresh, floral tones come through, it really opens up, with the sweet floral elements balancing out with the wood.  Too much water though, and the youth shows and it becomes bitter.

Finish – Long, long and sweet.  Toffee, a little banana and finally, coconut ice.  With water, some clean oak lingers.

What’s not good about it – Still young.  Lack of integration generally and hard to find the right balance with water. 

What’s good about it – Very complex for a whisky of this type and age, even if that doesn’t quite hang together.  Quite a challenging, perfumed, almost Asian nose in some ways, which really sets it apart from most bourbons.  Very interesting.

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