Monday, 24 November 2014

Glenfiddich Gallery Tasting

This was a press launch I attended on behalf of Tom Thomson – the launch of Glenfiddich Gallery, a luxury bespoke whisky experience site, iPad app and digital experience that (if you’re rich enough) will see you with a completely bespoke bottle of Glenfiddich.  Pick the liquid, pick the packaging, get it shipped to you.


During the launch event we were talked through the tasting of four whiskies, and I sneaked a taste of a fifth from Mark Thomson.  While the report from the event is on Tom’s blog here, I’ve put the tasting notes here on mine.  There are some really interesting whiskies here, a far cry from the ubiquitous bottle of 12, and all were very good.  Lots of warnings about this being cask strength whisky – I can handle it chaps!


Glenfiddich 1990, 22 years old, refill bourbon A⊕

Nose – Elegant, light wax and ancient wood.  Brightly herbal with light mint, apple and orange.

Body – Spicy, good sulphur, sweet and beautiful.

Finish – Long, spicy and numbing wood.  Brighter and more minty than the next one.

Glenfiddich 1990, 24 years old, 12 years in American oak, 12 years in American rum A⊕+

Nose – Slightly more intense wax.  Pineapple and sappier wood.  Intensity of purpose; dark, sappy and sexy, brown sugar and honeycomb.

Body – Clean, good oily wax, wood oils, very sweet but balanced.

Finish – A little short, sweet apple and honey.

Glenfiddich 18 years old, 30% refill sherry, 70% first fill bourbon, 58% A+

Nose – Muskier, more pastry and custard.  A touch of black pepper.

Body – Lovely spice and sulphur.

Finish – Short but good oils on the tip of the tongue.  It has a real lime and tropical note to it.  Finish is a bit short.

Glenfiddich 27 years old, half that time in American oak, the other half in sherry, 55.3% A+

You won’t see this often or ever again from Glenfiddich.  It was matured for 14 years in American oak, then racked for finishing in a new sherry butt, and then forgotten for 13 years.  A total sherry bomb to look at, very unusual.

Nose – Intense sherry – milk chocolate, raisin, blackforest cherry.  Still has structure but very sweet.  Xmas pudding.

Body – Spicy, coffee.

Finish – A long night out – long, tannic and intense.

Glenfiddich 1991, refill hogshead, 55.9%


Nose – Candy sweet, floral, cherry and light cereal. 

Body – Spiced wood, candy floss and lolly pop stick. Brightly herbal.

Finish –Very long, light sulphur and boiled sweets.  Ripe.

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