Tuesday, 21 October 2014

SMWS 99.12, Glenugie, Medieval Banquet

Before my time with the SMWS, so a million thanks to Sjoerd de Haan of Maltfascination for the opportunity to try a sample of this wonderful whisky.

SMWS 99.12, Glenugie, Medieval Banquet, 30 years old, 46.7% A⊕+

May 1980 to April 2011, refill sherry butt, 228 bottles.

Nose – Ripe fruit – red cherries and melon, but elegant and slightly restrained.  Bookcase.  Deep toffee glaze, lightly charred oak.  A little buttered granary toast.  Beautiful, old, and delicate.

Body – A little sour, a little spicy, some bitterness, some cigar tobacco – lit and put out.  A metallic note – all very fleeting, but fascinating and intriguing. 

Finish – Medium to short, toasted and tobacco.  Lingering spirit sulphur, leather and tannins. 

What’s not good about it – Short finish.  Sour and bitter notes jar slightly.

What’s good about it – This is one of the most serious whiskies I’ve ever tried – balanced, structured, elegant, delicate, bold, beautiful wood and ripe, juicy fruit. I love it.

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