Thursday, 23 October 2014

More Springbank Fun

Here’s a couple more from the Springbank obsession.

Campbeltown Loch 30 year old, 40% A+

Following on from a taste of the 21, here, this is a 30 year old blend by Springbank producers J&A Mitchell and Sons.  Thanks to Sjoerd de Haan of Maltfascination for a sample of this one!

blend_cam6Nose – Sweet, sour and winey.  Restrained wax and lots of tropical fruit, fruit gums and fruit scented felt tipped pens.  An interesting swimming pool brightness, something petrol based or solvent based.  Backed by very well balanced, mature wood structure.  Very fruity and seriously delicious but could do with more ABV.  The intensity is there when you first smell it but fades once you taste it.

Body – Light, fresh, pale wooded and slightly chipboardy.  Spicy and sour.  Mildly structured and pleasing.

Finish – Medium, bitter wood starts to poke through.  You’re left holding something a little watery by the end.

What’s not good about it – disappointing finish after a slightly weak delivery. 

What’s good about it – real beautiful sweet shop nose with good balance.  Certainly smells like a 30 year old. 

Springbank 17 year old, “from the cage”, First Fill Port, 53.6% A⊕

At the distillery they have a cage full of full bottles of “samples from casks”.  This amazing cage is full of single bottle bottlings!  And they let you buy them!  Mind, blown.  Thanks to Jon Webb for letting me have some of his bottle of magnificent port matured Springbank.

port_springerNose – Dark toffee, glace cherries, something vaguely musky, farmyardy.  Meaty.  Light peat makes up some of the structure.  Earthy – tobacco, potatoes, soil, bolted parsley, and balanced by vinegar levels of brightness from the Springbank spirit.  Very grown-up and enticing.  Perfumed like the toilets in an expensive restaurant – wood polish, leather, posh soap and clean mirrors.  With water, loses some of that intensity but gains a little leather and tobacco.

Body – Sweet fruit, raisins, tobacco, spicy Springbank goodness, and the port, immediately retronasally dominant, fighting for attention with the Springbank spirit.  With water, more immediate fruit, then slightly more earthy and cardboardy.  Complex and investigable.

Finish – The port starts to come through at the end – dusty, musky wine cask.  Strawberry laces and front-of-tongue jelly sweets.  Long, very sweet and balanced wood.  Cracking.

What’s not good about it – well, you can’t buy it.  Only Jon has a bottle. 

What’s good about it - Otherwise very lovely and a port matured 17 year old Springbank turns out to be a rather good thing.  Great complexity, good restrained port influence, like the tobacco notes.and the intense, balancing brightness.

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