Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Big Peat Xmas 2014

That time again already?  Thanks to Douglas Laing for the sample of this year’s xmas edition.  The 2013 taste is from my bottle from last year – I did decant a 3cl sample in anticipation of this tasting many months ago, so no oxidised sampling worries for me.  My original notes from the 2013 are here, in amongst a flight of other Big Peat editions.

Big Peat Blended Malt, Xmas Edition 2014, 55.7% A+

big-peat-at-christmas-2014-whiskyNose – Ripe, raw, a little sour, some oil, some metal - like the smell of a heavily used wood file.  Juicy Islay sweet fruit lurk underneath, some yoghurt covered raisins, cigarette tobacco and salt and vinegar. I’ve got a good feeling about this…

Body – Spicy, arresting peat, quite a lot of black pepper and urgent sweetness backing it up.  Sichuan peppercorn fizz and musky Islay wood.

Finish – Long, toffeed, drying, hugely tannic.  Balanced and satisfying.  It’s a christmas cracker!

What’s not good about it – Lacks delicacy (!) and is a little sour.

What’s good about it – Exactly what I want from Big Peat – an intense blast of Islay fun, loads of balancing sweet toffee underneath and a highly returnable-to development.   Yummy.

Compared to the Xmas 2013 edition: On the nose, 2013 has more modelling clay, lots of bright deodorant and is more floral, but slightly muskier.  The 2014 is richer, with more pronounced wood richness and a more Ardbeggy note (I’d guess the 2013 has more peated Bunnahabhain in it).  They both rock on the nose – I love Big Peat.

On the delivery, 2013 is more perfumed again, brighter and more citrus/astringent with freshly cut wood.  2014 is also floral, more sweetly fruited and even more peaty than the 2013.  Long, numbing and intense.

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