Sunday, 19 October 2014

A few October outturn notes

I missed my usual slot on first Thursday due to the whisky show! I was at Greville street the other night to make up for it and tasted a few.  Just mini-notes here as a personal record more than anything else – I was too busy having a good time to take proper notes!

SMWS 48.51, Grapefruit, monkfish, manzanilla!, Balmenach, 13yo , 55.9% A⊕’

n – sweet, citrus, fence panel, sharp grapefruit.  Lovely, dusty wood, old beyond it’s years.  Lovely nose. b – fresh, waxy, oily boiled sweets. f – long, sharp citrus, beautiful

SMWS 7.106 Time for a tea break!, Longmorn, 10yo, 61.2% A⊕

n – very similar to 48.51, more boiled sweets, and a little riper.  A little wax and some petrol.  b – much more SMWS, spicier, not quite as good but still lovely.  f – long, oily, citrus – spicy, very 7.

SMWS 117.5 Smouldering, brooding and alluring, Cooley, 22yo, 55.5% A⊕

Another big hitting Irish whisky – big price tag too.  Apparently this was from an experimental run where they used crystal malt instead of standard pale malt to make the wort to ferment.  They hoped the extra non-fermentables would carry over into the whisky.  Only 12 casks were produced, this is one and SMWS has one more.  I think this is a great 22 year old whisky, but doesn’t do much to justify the cost.

n – dark, brightly waxed, cakey (vanilla, raisin), lovely ripe plum.  More fruity with water and just beautiful.  b – juicy red fruit, lots of wood, great balance, and lots of intensity with water.  f – oily, very long, balanced.  Not fascinating but very good.

SMWS 66.60 Caribbean wedding on the beach, Ardmore, 12yo, 56.5% A

n – light, fresh apple.  Toasted, warm peat.  b – ripe, spicy, intense wood, astringent, spicier with water. f – very long, wood oil, some joss stick.  This has the thin, sour pear peat thing going on that I’m not a massive fan of but can appreciate objectively.

SMWS 30.81 A baker’s delight, Glenrothes, 23yo, 56% A⊕

n – dusty.  Lightly peated, rich pastries.  b – floral, sweet, lightly tropical.  Elegant and beautifully balanced. f – quite long, quite oily, boiled sweets, numbing.

SMWS 123.10 Sweet treats on deck, Glengoyne, 9yo, 57.6% A⊕

n – rich, dark, lovely balance.  b – sharp and deep toffee.  f – long, lovely, ripe, lots of wood.

SMWS 3.216 Classic, smoky, perfumed dram, Bowmore, 18yo, 55.9% A⊕+

This briefly popped onto the UK website and was in the bar.  From the google results I think it was released in Australia and Japan, and we got a few spare bottles.  I can’t resist bottles from other geographies!  And I can’t resist this tide of amazing Bowmores being released at the moment.

n – beautiful balance, perfect Bowmore. b – darkly sweet Islay, light parma violets, very sweet shop.  f – spicy, beautiful.

SMWS 3.232 An Outdoor Life for Me, Bowmore, 18yo, 57.2% A⊕

The official Bowmore from October’s outturn.

n – young, dark Islay.  Great smoke and sweets.  b – long FWP, very sweet, good balance.  f – long and numbing, very oily.

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