Monday, 1 September 2014

The Glendronach–OB Vertical

I bought this lot from the Green Welly as a pack of 4 minis.  I would certainly recommend you do the same, lots of fun!

The Glendronach, Octarine 8 years old, 46% A⊕

glendronach-octarineNose - Sweet, oaty, sherried, musky.  Granary toast and butter, candle wax, kumquat and guava.  Bright and very sweet, and very orangey, with a rather pleasing muskiness and cereal rawness to back it up.

Body - Amazingly fruity.  Intense kumquat, some sour grapefruit zest, lemon and orange juice.  A little toffee and some balancing wood.

Finish - Very long and intensely orangey, especially given the age.  Is this really just distilled fermented barley in a sherry cask for 8 years?

What’s not good about it - Incredibly sweet, incredibly orangey.  Almost isn’t whisky.

What’s good about it - But the intense grapefruit sour does cut through that somewhat and the wood is pretty good.  This is actually quite a balanced, but very young and intense whisky. Rather good!

The Glendronach, Original 12 years old, 43% A⊕

glendronach-12-year-old-whiskyNose - Sourer than the Octarine, with lovely wax and light refreshing sherry.  The sweet citrus juice and wood are better integrated now, with this smelling less like neat kia-ora and more like a quality sherried whisky.  Again though, lovely toasty elements - buttered granary toast and honey or marmalade.  Beautiful sweet glazed duck and star anise, and some greener herbs like rosemary and sage.

Body - Less intense, a little more sulphur and a lot spicier.  The drop in ABV doesn’t help the intensity unfortunately but the quality is very high.  Dark marmalade, lime marmalade and red chilli.

Finish - Long, Seville orange bitterness and sweetness, well balanced and intensely sweet.

What’s not good about it - Lacks intensity, very sweet.

What’s good about it - Beautifully sweet nose and delivery, well balanced and integrated.

The Glendronach, Revival 15 years old, 46% A⊕

glendronach15Nose - The dial turned up that little bit more towards cereal, sweet toffee, dark and intense.  The nose on the Revival seems to mix the 12 and the 8 and bring out a lot more herbal wax with black pepper, salt toffee, more musky wood and toasted nori.  There’s also this enticing, slightly Indian, curry powder thing going on.

Body - Dark chilli toffee, wham bar, fruit salad chews and granulated sugar.

Finish - Medium, a little pancake and maple syrup.

What’s not good about it - Lacks complexity, finish is a bit short.  Not as good as the 12 (or rather, as good as the 12 should be at 46%).  

What’s good about it - Love the intensity.  Importantly, it is seriously delicious.

The Glendronach, Allardice 18 years old, 46% A⊕

glendronach-18-year-old-allardice-whiskyNose - Now we’ve arrived.  The component parts, while entertaining in younger expressions, are brought together - the change in integration is marked.  Toasted cereal bar, dark toffee, furniture wax, old bookcase, old leather belt, and Florida orange juice.  Juicy plums, BBQed ribs (where the hell has that come from?), watermelon, Cox’s Orange Pippin apples.  Incredibly sweet, juicy (with quite a lot of the Octarine about it) and balanced by sherried sulphur.  Wonderful.  With water, the juice intensifies with more orange and a little red chilli.

Body - Clean and sweet.  Lightly spiced with sulphur and red chilli.  Suddenly lacks complexity.

Finish - Long and toasted, chillied and wooded.  Cloying but just balanced.  However the sulphur does start to unbalance at the end - damn!  Final notes are of struck match and bitter oak.

What’s not good about it - The delivery disappoints - slightly one dimensional and the sulphur isn’t balanced.  

What’s good about it - Fabulously complex, balanced, juicy nose, incredibly sweet and beautiful to behold.  Great fun to take time over.

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