Friday, 22 August 2014

Whisky Barrel Burns Malt, Springbank 14 yo

A Whisky Barrel exclusive, like all Burns Malts this is an ex-Whisky Broker stunner, and everything I could have wanted from a Whisky Broker Springbank.  Thankyou!

Not much left apparently, nor of the ‘broker/burns malt Tomatin which I have stocked up on, you can still get here and I reviewed here.

Burns Malt (Whisky Broker) Springbank, 14 years old, 54.3%

27/11/1998 - 12/02/2013, Bourbon barrel No. 448 A⊕

springbank-burns-malt-14yoNose - Sweet toffee, tobacco and spicily wooded nose.  Clearly a Springbank, I would have guessed ex-sherry except for the barrel - are we sure there’s no sulphur in pure Springbank new make?  Fresh, clean, complex and oily, the kind of paradox that has provoked a whole shelf of Springers in my study.  With water, more fruit and brighter refreshing notes of cherry, apple and ozone.  Retains the wood and intensity though.

Body - Spicy, oaky, balanced, petrol notes, drying sulphur and toasted crisp breads.  An air of dark, molasses and caramel.  With water, more jelly sweets and red cherries but still has that air of authority I love in Springbank.  As you explore it further with water, it responds in exactly the way you’d want, with the nose and finish surviving but different fruits and jellies making themselves known.  

Finish - Quite long, oily, malty, with expensive sulphured overtones.  I love it, a definite re-buy.

What’s not good about it - Lacks a little intensity on the delivery with water, and a little over priced given how spectacular the OB 12yo CS is (particularly the latest batch I think) at £10+ less.

What’s good about it - Wall to wall Springbank magic; oily, engines, sulphur, complexity, length, balance and plain delicious.  Buy now.

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