Sunday, 29 June 2014

A couple of historic Feis Ile

I have in stock, samples of the most of the 2014 Feis Ile lineup. So to clear the decks for that, here’s a couple of older ones that have been on my todo list for some time.

Ardbeg Day Feis Ile 2012, 56.7% A⊕+


Nose - Incredibly bright and sweet, intense, balanced toffee pennies and ash.  Almost rotten apples, sweet burnt cardboard, raisin, port and dairylea cheese slice sandwiches.  Ashes, autumn leaves and charred, damp oak staves.  Very sweet, then very savoury, and rather good.

Body - Ham and ashes.  Peanut toffee.  Dark sherry notes (rum soaked raisins).  Wonderful sweet, dark peat and old bandages.  

Finish - Perplexing - there is a plastic, ham, and cigarette element in here that lingers and I can’t identify.  In any case - long, numbing, rich and tasty, intensely sweet and drying.  Intensity and balance throughout gets you top marks.

What’s not good about it - Some bitterness lurks in the end.  That ashen note isn’t integrated perfectly with the sweetness late on and mars the overall experience a little.

What’s good about it - Complicated, grown up and serious nose with classical sweet Islay notes and good phenols.  Interesting, intense and tasty.

Thanks to Steve for the sample!

Laphroaig Feis Ile 2013 - Cairdeas Port Wood Edition, 51.3% A+


Nose - Rich, burnt cardboard, big 70s bandages and winey peat.  Peas and earth.  Wet oak and gunpowder. Rather exciting but oddly thin.

Body - Chorizo, fennel and toffee apples.  Rich chorizo peat.

Finish - Tasty, meaty, peaty and rich.  Quite long and well balanced, good phenols (this isn’t a mild or “accessible” Laphroaig) and definitely in the meaty corner.  Great longevity actually, the chorizo lives on.  Really enjoyable, if not exactly elegant and beautiful.

What’s not good about it - While the nose is pleasant and interesting it lacks a little intensity.  And I’m not sure how many times I’d reach for a pink, chorizo Laphroaig.  

What’s good about it - Great port integration, hangs together very well with a very typical Laphroaig delivery.  


Thanks to Tom for the sample!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

SMWS 5.37 (Auchentoshan) Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

I’m starting to develop a thing for triple distilled whiskies, I might have to avail myself of the BenRiach Horizons at some point.

SMWS 5.37, Auchentoshan, 13 years old, Lazing on a Sunday afternoon, 59.5%

11 October 2000, 169 bottles, refill ex-bourbon hogshead.

IMG_20140628_182743230Nose - Lemon boiled sweets, pine needles, crayons and rich backing cereal. A touch of grapefruit. Fresh, bright, clean and summery.  Lovely.  With water, the boiled sweets and rich wood come through more assertively and the nose opens up to include freshly squeezed oranges and a little hot rosemary.

Body - Fizzing lemon and pine.  Water brings intense grapefruit and grapefruit zest, but reveals some bitterness.

Finish - Long, toffeed, bright and clean and a little bit spicy.  Complex and rather good.  Water upsets the balance somewhat.

What’s not good about it - Bitterness is the curse of the fruity whiskies.  Water makes the most of the nose and the initial delivery but upsets the finish.

What’s good about it - But overall this is quite a bargain- extraordinarily citrusy, sweet and delicious with loads of complexity and interest.  Definitely recommended, and as part of the epic trio in June (with the Arran and the Bowmore) it was a no brainer.  They’ll still sell you a bottle in the bar, I reckon.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

SMWS July Outturn Tasting

I was lucky enough to attend a tasting of the July outturn for SMWS last night, with most of the new outturn available and a bunch of either rare, sold out or non-UK bottles also available to taste and for sale.
I often produce these notes for my bottle share friends but at Joe's request I'm putting them on the blog for wider consumption!  They're micro-tasting notes though, just a brief impression, an initial grading and an indication if I think the whisky is a consideration to buy.  Hopefully this will be of use if you want to work out where to focus your attention in July.


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Wemyss Tweet Tasting

Wemyss is a bottler and blender I’ve been meaning to get to for some time so I was very excited to be chosen for their tweet tasting.  I was less excited to discover I was later booked into an un-get-outable work thing either side of the night, including dinner and drinks, and had to miss the tasting itself.  Steve was kind enough to let me keep the kit and I’ve only just got round to trying the stuff.  Here goes:

Lord Elcho Blended Scotch Whisky, 40% B

Lord-Elcho-Blended-ScotchNose - Light, sweet, appley, lightly waxed nose.  Good balance, perfume, and wood.  It’s very pleasant, balanced, a little floral with that cereal, deodorant edge I rather like.  There’s notes of cigar tobacco in there, and a little touch of drying peat, and toasted cashew nut.  It’s all rather pleasant but not particularly exciting or intense.  Fair enough given the price point.

Body - Cigar and sweet, some wood and a little meat, not very well integrated, ultimately not that good to drink, but quite interesting.

Finish - Quite long, a little angular with peat notes fighting with that floral wax - lack of integration again.

This is a cheap, competent blend.  It doesn’t do much wrong, except it’s not particularly fun to drink, which is a shame.  If you’re reading this and playing at this price point for a bottle, I would much rather buy the peat chimney 8 (below), push the boat out a fiver more and get a tweeddale, or play with the NAS single malts like the Tomatin Legacy.  Or just drink less and save up for a Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve.  Tough market.

Wemyss Single Cask, Pastille Bouquet, Mortlach 1998, 46% A⊕+

Hogshead, 325 bottles

mtlwem1998Nose - Very sexy.  Rich, wooded, bubble gum and blackcurrant travel sweets.  A little sour cherry sweet, cola kubes, a little bit of pine fence and musk, and a little lactic note - cheddar?  It’s not offputting, it’s balancing.  Just a delicious, enticing nose.

Body - Rich, sweet, refreshers.  Indulgent, balanced wood, more boiled sweets.  Musky, meaty wood and a damp, fungal edge.

Finish - Long, boiled sweet finish.  An afternote of strippers, soho and marlboro lights.  Finally - numbing peat.  Fabulous stuff, highly recommended.

Wemyss Single Cask, Merchant’s Mahogany Chest, Glen Scotia 1991, 46% A+

Butt, 807 bottles

merchants-mahogany-chest-1991-wemyss-malts-glen-scotia-whiskyNose - Beautiful coffee colour.  Sweet sherry, sour peat and cider.  Extremely rich, with ripe, peeled pear, sweet soft liquorice and clean, sweet, aniseed oloroso sherry.  A very clean, balanced, sweet and rich sherry monster.  Lovely.

Body - Light raisin, curry like with cumin and turmeric, spikey tannins and chewed, old leather.  Rolling tobacco on the tongue.

Finish - Wood-sherry balanced, a little bitterness, but quite short.  Fresh and clean for such a dark, rich whisky.  Eventually the bitterness and peat notes start to dominate and fight.  It ends quite tannic, drying and meaty.  A weird ending to something so sensual at the start.

Wemyss Peat Chimney, Blended Malt, 8 years old, 40% A+

vatted_wem4Nose - Sweet ozone, wax and peat.  Bandages, wafer thin ham, perry and cider vinegar.  An edge of germolene, backed by cereal.  It’s quite pleasant, bit thin though.

Body - Light bandages and germolene, light sweet toffee apple, some toast, some muesli...

Finish - ...then some real side of the tongue toffee pennies, rich wood sweetness, and lingering toast and marmalade.  Actually it’s really deeply sweet, wooded and toffeed on the finish.  Quite long too.  Congratulations to Wemyss for producing a peated blended malt that actually outperforms on the finish versus the body.  Still, the balance throughout is excellent - an expertly blended whisky with real interest.

Kilchoman 100% Islay 4th Edition

More exciting artisanal output from Islay’s newest operational distillery.

Kilchoman 100% Islay 4th Edition, 50% A⊕+

Distilled 2009/2010, 32 five year old and 8 four year old bourbon barrels.  From barley grown at the distillery, with all steps executed onsite.  Terroir!

Nose - Sweet lemon boiled sweets, toasty but balanced cereal rawness (in a way that reassures that this is “Scotch”, but is still richly opulent with tons of midrange).  Classic Kilchoman peat - mushrooms, sweet, damp, charred wood, seawater and szechuan peppercorns.  Some toffee and exciting deodorant and refreshers.  An exemplar Kilchoman.

Body - Rich, sweet pears, then balanced fire and barley sugar.  Intensely sweet, exactly balanced by ashen peat.  More refreshers.

Finish - Long, great peat integration, long lactic goodness.  Lingering notes of lemon sherbet and barley sugar.  A hint of acetone.  It’s fabulous.

What’s not good about it - This is a very young whisky, and that shows in the fire and character.

What’s good about it - But it’s absolutely wonderful.  I’m really excited that attention to terroir and innovation is producing such a fantastic result.  In ten years’ time Kilchoman are going to be producing some incredible whiskies if they keep this up.  Buy now.

Thanks to Kilchoman for the official sample!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Some very different Bunnahabhains

For some reason, Bunna hasn’t had quite the love from me that it deserves.  Here’s some extremely varied drams that all display the common distillery DNA.

Lady of the Glen Bunnahabhain, 26 years old, 50.01% A⊕

16th November 1987, single cask, NCF, refill bourbon.

Nose - Sweet, fizzing lemon, crayon and plastic book coverings.  Lemon boiled sweets, really intensely sweet on the nose, with a backing of cherries and floral, ripe mango.  Balanced wood spice, kiln dried hardwood.  Fabulous, intense, blockbuster nose.

Body - Rich, toasted sweet wood, mouth wateringly juicy, some spice, and tannic fruit, some good wax coming through on the delivery.

Finish - Long, a little spicy, immense sweetness.  The midrange drops out halfway through the finish leaving cloying sweetness and wood bitterness to battle it out.

What’s not good about it - A bit low on complexity near the end of the delivery, the finish doesn’t hold its own quite, a touch unbalanced and lacks elegance overall.

What’s good about it - Massive intensity, loads of ripe, juicy fruit and citrus, delicious wood and fruit integration on the nose and palate, and up front at least, some beautiful mid range with toasty malts and rich woods.

Bunnahabhain 25 (OB), 46.3% A⊕+

bunnahabhain25yearoldboxlowresNose - You can see from the colour that this is a sherry dominated whisky, and hence completely different from the LotG 26 year old.  Classicly warm, fudgy, dusty raisins and good vanilla ice cream.  Black forest cherry, a little ribena, a hint of sandalwood, perfectly balanced wood and sulphur, and a little fruit and nut bar.  Restrained in its sweetness compared to the bourbon cask above, but still opulent.

Body - Balanced and considered, with some savoury warm spices in the mix; cumin, turmeric.  Deep, very warm sweetness with brown sugar and slow cooked meatiness.  

Finish - Quite long, a smooth delivery into a balanced, sulphured finish.  You’re left with a numbing drying sensation of sulphur which works very well.  An expertly put together old single malt, extremely satisfying.

What’s not good about it - Restrained?  Very sherried.

What’s good about it - Expertly picked casks providing total balance, poise and interest throughout the delivery.  Lovely sulphur balance, richness and an elegant use of huge sherry notes.  Very moreish.

Bunnahabhain Vintage 1997, 15 year old (Signatory), Peated, 46% A+

bunsig1997v17Nose - Rich, medium but aging peat, bandages and toast with pears.  Then some apples, 1970s TCP, and a little bit of travel sweets.  Like a massive Laphroaig but with the volume turned down to about 6.  Has that ferocious brightness but not the intensity.

Body - Lovely sweet ash, caramel, lots of sweetness before the drying peat - a little more Ardbegian.  Some sourness at the side of the tongue.  

Finish - Medium, balanced, more ashes, numbing, the lemon sour notes come through now, against the bitterness, making the dying notes a little less fun than they could be.  

What’s not good about it - Neither intense nor opulent, hence a little bit stuck in the middle so I’m not sure when I’d turn to it (mind you, you should see the choice here).

What’s good about it - Wonderful peat judgement throughout, balanced and toasted but with the medicinal brightness I love.  Great nose in particular, and good ash during the delivery.

Thanks to Matt for the sample!

Bunnahabhain, 10 years old, Signatory Cask Strength Collection, Cask 5287, Heavily peated, 54.5% A+

bunnasvNose - Light, sweet, some cider sour, very bright lemon citrus, sherbet lemon boiled sweets, oak planks and black pepper.  A faint backing of ashes and burnt newspaper.  Backing this, on some extensive investigation, is some dark, soft toffee.  The youthful fire and bright lemons are nicely integrated and as a fresh, interesting, young whisky this is rather good.

Body - Massive slap in the face of ashen peat, some intense, dark toffee sweetness, very bright lemon and pears, then some spice and wood.  Rather lovely hints of furniture polish and a little burnt toast.

Finish - Quite long, good heavy peat integration, nice development actually. This grows on you.

What’s not good about it - The initial brightness seems one dimensional at first.  The initial palate is a touch austere.

What’s good about it - The peat hides behind the bright citrus at first but develops gently on the nose, great nosing whisky after the initial disappointment. Lovely integration of lemon sweets, wood and peat.  Quite delicious.

Thanks to Nick for the sample!

Bunnahabhain, 18 years old, Feis Ile 2010, Heavily peated, PX Finish, 51.4%, A⊕

bunnfi2010Nose - Bright and waxy, immediate ripe tropical fruits, apple juice, and scrumpy.  Candle wax and crayons, deep and rich lemon toffee, dark boiled sweets and a touch of cashew and raisins.  Carefully intense, ripe and delicious.  Really well implemented sherry on the nose, a total blockbuster.

Body - PX, immediately, followed by a gradual development of peat then back into sherry.  Numbing peat and salt, chilli and a touch of hazelnut.

Finish - Long sherry finish, some menthol cigarette, ending with numbing peat and more tobacco.

What’s not good about it - The delivery is a little one dimensional unfortunately.  Given the balance and beautiful nose, it’s a shame there’s not a little more complexity in the delivery.

What’s good about it - Wonderfully intense, fruit bomb, waxy nose, with fabulous PX integration.  The sherry isn’t overdone, and the base spirit is wonderful.  A delicious whisky that just pulls its punches a little in the delivery.

Thanks to Nick for the sample again.  

Friday, 13 June 2014

Springbank Masterclass

I didn’t get Springbank.  Many people I speak to say the same.  However those that love it, really love it.  I know from long experience that this is a recipe for excellence and deep fun, so when I heard that TWE were running a Springbank masterclass I had to make it happen.

Definitely get it now.

Hazelburn 12 year old, 46%, A+

12 years in sherry casks.

hazelburn-12yo-2011 (1)Nose – Sweet, sour strawberry and juicy red fruit.  Lovely, assured, boiled sweets and wood structure.  Deep sherry integration, really smooth, nice petrol notes on top.

Body – Immediately exciting spice and wood, dark toffee, lots of clear malt.

Finish – A bit light, fantastic sulphur notes, well integrated, pretty easy going.  Lingering notes are sulphur and bitter toffee.


Hazelburn Rundlets and Kilderkins 2001, 50.1%, A⊕’

hazelburn-10-year-old-rundelts-and-kilderkins-whisky-250Nose – Immediately deeply sweet, bright toffee leather and red cherries, great wood depth.

Body – Spiced chocolate, a little chilli heat, sulphur is well contained and interesting.  Quite intense but intensely balanced and very good.

Finish – Very long, spicy, chocolaty, really quite intense and long lasting. Mexican chocolate, some bitterness.  Great balance.


Kilkerran WIP6 “Bourbon” 46% A⊕

Pre-release sample, Glengyle, 10 years old.

kilkNose – the same waxy backing but much more sharply sour, a little raw.  However, it does have deep toffee interest and on further investigation, quite the fruit bomb, with a future emphasis on waxy tropics.  *interested*

Body – Rich, spicy, dusting of drying peat, loads of balanced sweetness, herbal notes of lavender and rosemary.

Finish – Actually very long, rich and balanced.  Really delicious.  Finish results in some lingering bitterness against the toffee – perhaps some water will smooth it out.  With water, a little ashen – it’s reasonably peaty.


Kilkerran WIP6 “Sherry” 46% A

Pre-release sample, Glengyle, 10 years old.


Nose – Immediately more obvious, sweet shops, boiled sweets, very balanced approach to sherry.  Quite restrained but surprisingly deep.

Body – Immediate sulphur, rich and biscuit, malt loaf, molasses, creamy and (after all that, still) very balanced.

Finish – Quite short, a little fruity, good balance, some dried, dusty fruit at the end.


Springbank 12 years old, cask strength #7, 50.3% A⊕’

Lightly peated to 10ppm, 70% sherry, 30% bourbon casks.

springNose – Sweet cider.  Then bright, red cherries.  Deep cereal, dried strawberries, bright deodorant notes, freshly delivered oak furniture.  Some old bookcase – and finally, hazelnut toffee.

Body – Toffee and sulphur, immense balance and poise, green apples.  Lovely.

Finish – Extremely sweet, long and sulphured.  Great balance, long and interesting.  Wow.


Longrow NAS, 46% A+

Bourbon, sherry and rum casks – 6-14 years old.

longrow_peated_-_campbeltown_single_malt_scotch_whiskyNose – Light, bright and orchard fruit.  A little summery, sexy, feminine, dirtily waxed candle.  Extremely interesting.

Body – Tobacco (Marlboro lights), caramel, apple sauce, dark sherry, burnt oak.

Finish – Sulphur, loads of oak, bitter wood.  Very, very interesting, but all over the place.  Lingering BBQ competitions, and a touch of soap.  Challenging but fascinating – sharp and wooden.  Ghostly peated, lingering grapefruit hull.  I’m a fan.


Longrow Red “Port Cask”, 55-58%? A⊕+

Pre-release.  This is 11 years fully aged in port casks, and will be released in September (when I’ll be buying it).

longNose – Winey, sour strawberries.  Dark and bright cherries.  Really massive nose – a little coastal, red chew sweets, bookcase, old books, library and plastic book covers, bright tannins.

Body – Massively sweet, sulphured, boiled sweets overload but balanced by a delivery that includes long, drying spice and tannins.   Wonderful arrival.

Finish – Long, sulphurous, but delicious strawberry sweetness.  With water, the wine mellows and the whole arrival becomes more smooth and balanced.


Springbank 1999 14 year old, local barley.  57.8% A⊕+

Springbank society only.  The barley comes from a local (as the crow flies) farm 8 miles away (Machrie Moor).  All refill sherry casks.  This will be generally available in 2 years’ time as a 16 year old, in the meantime it’s (at the time of writing) still available as a Springbank Society bottle (membership of the society is £50 for life).

localNose – Waxed, fresh green apple.  Some cider, great warmth.  Subtle wax and sulphur, dark and dank fecundity.  A little grapefruit.

Body – Enormous warmth and body, long sulphurous wax, dark and brooding.  The arrival is stunning, just amazing balance and intensity.

Finish – Extremely long, cherried, beautiful.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Hakushu and Yamazaki Distilller’s Reserves

A couple of blended single malts from iconic, Suntory owned distilleries in Japan.  This is one of the few recent TWE masterclasses I’ve missed but JS sorted me out with samples from his bottles.  Wonderful stuff!
Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve, 42% A+
japan_hak16Nose - Lovely soft, waxy crayons and ripe stone fruit.  Gentle, polite, but deliciously sweet.  This is fabulous!  Lovely balance, a little tropical bubblegum, a little furry peach, just a back hit of peat.  Beautiful nose - maybe a little one dimensional but totally made up for by the balanced, fruity wax.
Body - A little more straightforward on the palate, although still balanced and polite.  A good, balanced blended malt, running between peat, bamboo and toffee sweetness.
Finish - Medium, sweet toffee near the end.  Wood sour develops slowly and comfortably near the end.  A very good, 4/4, respectful Japanese blended malt.
What’s not good about it: Almost ordinary in delivery, although ticking most boxes along the way.
What’s good about it:  Wonderful nose - particularly for the price.  Great balance and smooth delivery throughout, interesting wood.  Seriously drinkable.
Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve, 43% A⊕
japan_yam29Nose - Same theme as the Hakushu, with additionally strawberry chews, raspberry laces, dried cherries and lots of warm, boiled sugar.  Intensely sweet and fruity with a balancing sandalwood and pine wood backing.  Much warmer, darker and very delicious on the nose.  A touch of unlit cigar.  Wonderful stuff.
Body - Sweet toffee, then chilli spice, then bamboo wood and a meaty, toasted satay quality.
Finish - Long, good balance and interest, toasty notes and a real savoury edge coming through.  Drying wood and licked joss sticks just balances the cloying boiled sweets that develop at the end.  Quite a changing finish.  Right at the end there’s an intensely numbing quality that develops - more licked joss sticks and Sichuan peppercorns.
What’s not good about it: Not much - it’s actually a little bit odd but I can’t hold that against it.  Actually if we’re splitting hairs the ABV could be higher and the delivery could have a little more intensity
What’s good about it:  Fabulous nose, all the crayon and drying wood of the Hakushu with additional richness, fruit and sweet shop intensity.  Lovely balance - fire and wood against that red fruit.  Hold on, is this really a £40 bottle of whisky?  It’s amazing.  I’d be impressed with this nose on a whisky twice that.  Blending rocks.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Big Peat Tweet Tasting

I’m a big fan of Big Peat.  See my previous flight of Big Peat’s a while back.  I was of course very pleased to be chosen for this, and Douglas Laing really pushed the boat out with the kit and a blind tasting of a number of special Islay specials, some of which really foxed us, particularly that Laphroaig and the posh Ardbeg.

All tasting notes were as tasted blind.  We were told the whiskies after.

#1 - Caol Ila, “Young and Feisty” – Provenance (Douglas Laing) A-

caol-ila-young-and-feisty-provenance-douglas-laing-whiskyNose - Orchard fruit - sour apples, some cereal, some white wine vinegar.  A little crayon, some hotdog and sauerkraut. Quite light and sour but with some toasty maturity behind it.  Lightly ashen with a deep sweetness behind it.
Body - Very light, clear, citrus - very nice.
Finish - Short, a little ash, but gently balanced.  Smoked cloves at the back.


#2 Laphroaig 8 Year Old 2005 (cask 10294) - Provenance (Douglas Laing)  A+
laphroaig-8-year-old-2005-cask-10294-provenance-douglas-laing-whiskyNose - Pear drops, dusty bookcases, blackcurrant travel sweets, a touch of cigarette tobacco.  There’s a floral, mineral edge to it and a fresh leather belt, but deeply, deeply sweet with the boiled sweets, blackcurrant and sugar dusting.
Body - Clear, bright wood - pine?  More leather and cigarettes.  So there was peat in here.  The boiled sweets continue with black pepper and artificial blackcurrant flavour and a rather dark and tasty peat backing.
Finish - Short, ashen but with a long, numbing tail.  Balanced but a little uneventful, cloves and dusty and then a big bang of retronasal barley sugar.  Very moreish, quite refreshing but lots of interesting flavours and all that blackcurrant is a first on me!

#3 Bowmore 12 Year Old 2001 (cask 10284) - Old Particular A+
bowmore-12-year-old-2001-cask-10284-old-particular-douglas-laing-whiskyNose - Deep peaty sweet and savoury beauty - banana, chocolate biscuits, bandages, toffee, and a bit of cross channel ferry.  A little clean/new bicycle tire with sulphurous edges, deeply sweet.  There’s some sort of market pen, inner tube, Asian fruit thing here too.  Lots of primary school smells with water.
Body - Light, smooth, easily peated, very balanced with deep sweetness and chocolate tones.  Really smooth and delicious.  A drop of water brings out that Asian fruit a little.
Finish - Long, ashen at the back of the throat, but ends quite abruptly.  A sweet cloying edge just hangs on at the back.

#4 Big Peat, Blended Islay Malt, A+
bigpeatNose -  Bright ash, candlewax, ice cream soda, dark musk, some beeswax and grilled oranges.  Great complexity, balance and interest on the nose.  Seriously delicious.  With some time, some of the boiled sweets start to come to the fore, with deep candied sweetness.
Body - Bright, balanced, sweet and ashen.  Great breadth.  Great retronasal wax and tropical tones, and a little red chilli and pepper.
Finish - A light edge of blackcurrant again (maybe it’s just my palate today?).  Quite long, balanced and unfaltering.  Rather good.

#5 Ardbeg 23 year old Director’s Cut, 53.1% A⊕+
imagesNose - Deep, candied, bourbon fruit bomb.  Bubble gum, orange boiled sweets, cigarette tobacco (if pushed, Marlboro lights).  An edge of roast lamb and rosemary.  Very old and sexy, lewd in fact.  Dirty even?  Love it.
Body - Peanuts, toffee, caramel, candle wax and floor polish, dark old wood, leather, smoke, oak, beautiful balance and integration.
Finish - Very long, deeply sweet and balanced with long, rich, leather and cigar tobacco tones. 

Easily the best of the night, not out yet but I really fear for the price.  Ah well, better to have loved and lost…