Saturday, 19 April 2014

SMWS 9.80, Glen Grant, A Rocking Chair Dram

This was January’s whisky for a year from SMWS.  A lump sum at the start of the year gets you a bottle a month - quite often these are otherwise unavailable but there’s been a few show up on the site since being on this particular list, including this oneTom’s been divvying up every month to 14 happy punters.  I think we had plans of running a tweet tasting on these, but I’ve given up waiting!  It’s April and things are about to get pretty hectic at SMWS.

SMWS 9.80, Glen Grant, A Rocking chair dram, 49.7% A⊕+

20 years old, 16th November 2002, re-fill bourbon, 86 bottles.

glengrantNose – Ripe, soft pears and boiled sweets.  Deeply sweet but with a nicely integrated herbal note of rosemary and pine.  There’s a deeply waxed element here, not brightly so, not like something freshly waxed, but something long since lacquered and now cut through.  Oak, presumably.  Barley sugar and polished pine.  Really elegant and intense.

Body – Sweet and oily, like warmed, soft toffee.  More ripe pears, mostly confectionary.  A little wooded spice, fabulous retronasal action which reassures about the quality of the wood.

Finish – Very long, balanced with the sweet toffee winning through throughout, some chocolate hobnobs at the end.  Buttery and deeply sweet.  Lovely, and a massive bargain too.

What's not good about it: Very sweet, if that doesn’t float your boat, this won’t. 

What’s good about it:  Certainly floats mine though – loads of intensity, chocolaty toffee, balance, loads of integration too – a little spice to even it all out.  Beautiful.

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