Thursday, 24 April 2014

Arran 16 year old

Having loved the 17 year old, I thought I’d better circle back and pick up the 16 for comparison, which is still available at the time of writing at Masters of Malt, and very good. 

Arran 16 year old, 46% A⊕

arrob.16yoNose - Lacquered intensity leaps out, pear drops and blood orange.  Deeply sweet, bright toffee, and a touch of cold fruit and nut bar.  Beautiful balanced and citrusy.  

Body - Sweet malt, a little spice, some dusty oak, some more chocolate.  A touch of drying smoke or sulphur or something.  Works well.

Finish - Quite long, a touch raw on the cereal edge, the malt note is a little awkward.  Some great tropical flavours developing near the end and like the 17, the bitterness that plagues the younger expressions has netted out.

What's not good about it: Lacks integration near the end, and lacking a little complexity overall

What’s good about it: Beautiful nose, as ever, loads of citrus complexity on the nose.  Loving the toffee chocolate furrow being ploughed by Arran as it grows up.  

Compared to the new 17:  On the nose the 16 is a little more obvious and sweet, the 17 has just that bit more elegance and just smells more... expensive.  There’s a bit more of the members club about the 17 and it’s a bit more feminine.  On the palate, lots more complexity to the 17, a longer spicier finish and a real lingering beauty to it.  I’m still loving the 17, but the 16 is definitely worthy.  Great trajectory.  

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