Tuesday, 11 March 2014

SMWS 25.65–Rosebank–A Whispered Kiss

My first Rosebank and a 2 bottle split with a bunch of other bloggers.  This is very good but suffering from very high expectations.  However, even when SMWS drams don’t do what you want them to, you’re challenged and learn something. 

SWMS 25.65, Rosebank, A Whispered Kiss, 50% A⊕

rosebank-smws-25-6522 years old, 1st July 1991, refill bourbon barrel, 220 bottles

Nose – Lovely bright wax and hardwood.  A little felt tip pen, some grapefruit, juicy red cherries and orange juice.  A baby’s forehead, overripe pear and Turkish Delight.  Whisky soaked wood and milk chocolate.  The brightness verges on sour, if I’m being critical, but the wax is moving towards a primary school parquet floor (which everyone loves).  A peppery, savoury backing.  It noses: old, competent, expensive, bright.

Body – The wooded fruits are carried through to the palate with a sandalwood edge, but its a little harsh on the immediate delivery, in the top of the palate, with an overly bright, sour note. This hits me as a little off balance and not totally integrated. 

Finish – Clean, perhaps a little unbalanced again.  Some long lasting toffee malt and smooth but sappy woods.  The whole thing does grow on you more and more, with oily, sappy, front of palate interest. 

What's not good about it: A few misfires on the delivery. Unexpectedly unbalanced in places.

What’s good about it:  Love the nose, very self assured and dignified.  Good chocolate malt and richness on the delivery.

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