Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Pair of Littlemills

Another day, another dead distillery.  Not only is whisky production long on the ROI, but hazardous as well.  Littlemill closed in 1984, reopened in 1989, closed again in 1994, was dismantled in 1997 and then burnt to the ground in 2004.  Eesh.

I’d not had any before.  I’m quite impressed, despite the peril.

Littlemill Batch 1, The Boutique-y Whisky Company, 47.4% A+

Littlemill Batch 1

Nose – Immediately a bit sicky but that passes, work through it. Then a bit gluey.  Then, light and fruity but with a satisfying, malty chewy quality which goes very nicely.  There’s a floral, fatty edge too, reminiscent of a good rillettes, and a musky, appley note which reminds me of the start of a gig (cider, men’s deodorant, generally malted liquids, floor polish).

Body – Balanced, spicy malt, perfumed and fruited, a bit of Vimto, some pear.  Fresh and light.  Really rewarding.

Finish – Short. Leaves you with the fresh malt and pepper.  Pleasant.

What's not good about it: A little bit light for me, short, ordinary finish, although otherwise fault free.

What’s good about it:  Lovely fruity nose, great balance with rich, fresh clean malt and lovely pepper notes in the delivery.

Thanks to Master of Malt for the sample.

Lady of the Glen, Littlemill 21 year old A⊕


Nose – Light and malty this time, with a delicate wooded richness, biscuity oak. juicy red cherry and a lovely waxed lacquer.  A lovely interplay of cereal, biscuit, furniture polish, pear and a hint of cigarette tobacco.  Very elegant and extremely rewarding.  There’s something else, something Asian in here too – like an Asian butchers or some Durian or something – and some bookcase.  Very complicated and elegant, but really malty too.  In the empty glass, toffee malt, popcorn and a furniture maker’s workshop.  Fab nose.

Body – Sweet, smooth, balanced, musky and malty, Sichuan peppercorns and a lovely sugared malt.  Wood spice and fresh toffee apple.

Finish – Bit short, but a backing of dusty barley sugar, werthers original and travel sweets makes you come back for more.

What's not good about it: Finish a bit short, maybe the nose is a bit muscular at first, although if that’s the price of complexity, I’ll pay it.

What’s good about it:  Complex, elegant and delicious.  Bold and well structured.  Great integration and interplay between the elements.

Thanks to Lady of the Glen for the official sample.

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