Thursday, 27 February 2014

SWMS 7.95–Longmorn–Instant Relaxation and Comforting Warmth

This was bought for a tasting I ran for my colleagues (full civilians) at the Whisky Exchange, most of whom were completely baffled.  Only a Russian computer programmer was anything but totally appalled by the (very mild) peat in BenRiach Solstice. It was good fun though.

SWMS 7.95, Longmorn, Instant Relaxation and Comforting Warmth, 55.8% A⊕+

7.9527 years old, 24th September 1985, refill bourbon hogshead, 174 bottles

Nose – Complex, waxed, antique woods, sweet rushes, waxed leather, gently sweet toffee and a little sage.  It’s complicated, and very balanced, yet dark, thick, rich and satisfying.  And bright – some floral notes of lily and rose.  And ridiculously sweet – some cola cubes and barley sugar.  Some water brings the wood out a little further, smooths out that sweetness and makes the whisky much more gentle and rounded.

Body – Honeyed malt, extremely sweet but balanced by extremely floral wood and some satsuma.  There is an underlying wood sourness in here though.

Finish – Long, sappy, gets sweeter if anything – finally straying into candy and cola cubes again.  It never loses balance though, the finish is deeply satisfying and very high quality – what a beautiful whisky.

What's not good about it: The sourness, if anything.  But I think this is necessary to balance the whisky.  I’m not complaining.

What’s good about it:  Glorious complexity, faultless in many ways, and tropical burps.  Wonderful stuff.

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