Saturday, 15 February 2014

SWMS 5.36 - Rubbing White Tiger Balm on your forehead

Thanks to Tom (as ever) for this sample, this is an Auchentoshan (so triple distilled) and then matured (fully) in a refill Sauternes cask.  Quite a weird setup then, and its a weird whisky.  It’s a bit of a divider of opinions.  I want one, just because it’s so interesting, but I’m not sure how often I’d return to it if I did own it.

SWMS 5.36 - Rubbing White Tiger Balm on your forehead, 59.8% A+


Nose – Floral, but firm.  A sour malt hidden behind an air freshener.  Wet pine and a little treatment.  Behind all this lurks deep, toffee sweetness and chocolate.  But in front, young malt, cut parsley and cut grass, and hand soap.  Lots of raw cereal but handled (balanced) very well.  Smelling the empty glass, the wood is apparent and very good. 

Body – Intense maltesers, immediately.  Ferocious heat, some cereal, lots of malt.  Actually really sweet.  I’d forgotten about the Sauternes!

Finish – Very long, cereals, fiery, deep toffee reveals itself later. Washes down to numbing sweetness.  Strong like an overproof rum.

What’s not good about it – Raw cereal isn’t ideal, although handled well.  A bit challenging.  I wonder what this would have been like with another decade in wood?

What’s good about it – Challenging, unexpected, ferocious, actually very balanced.

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