Sunday, 2 February 2014

Bunnahabain Abbey Whisky Rare Drams

Big fan of Bunnas – very pleased to get a drop of this Abbey Whisky exclusive, although not totally blown away by it.  Thanks to Q for the sample.

Bunnahabain 23 years old, Abbey Whisky Rare Drams, 44% A


Nose – Sweet, waxy, a little musky.  Fruit, but a little non-specific.  Ripe pear maybe, a little orange juice.  Very pleasant.

Body – Spicy, wooded – pine.  Well balanced, very structured, quite drying.

Finish – Long, spicy, very good wood integration.  The fruit returns at the end.

What's not good about it:  Relatively uneventful – a bit of an ordinary* one given the hype.

What’s good about it:  Good nose, great balance, robust.

* Please note Steve Prentice that this does not mean I think it is bad! Smile

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