Wednesday, 1 January 2014

English Whisky Company Chapter 7, 2013

I reviewed the 2010 back here, with a sample from Prentice, and vowed to return with the 2013.  Here it is.  I’m less impressed, but then the differences between good and great are subtle and whisky is a batch product. I’ll seek out the cask strength version for comparison at some point.

English Whisky Company Chapter 7, Rum Cask, 2013, 46% A


Nose – Light, toast, toasted malt and fresh citrus.  Some marker bends, some raw barley.  Elegant fruit, but behind serious structured malt.  Some barely ripe pear.  Certainly lacks the excitement of the 2010.

Body – Bold, citrus malt, yet well structured and smooth.  Salt catches at the back of the throat.  Bitterness is cloaked in rich citrus zest.  Malt sweetness behind this with an elegant citrus backing.  Well put together and quite moreish.

Finish – Zesty, spicy, but very short.  Balanced and interesting to the end.

What's not good about it: Rum is making up for the youth – I see that now.  Finish is too short.

What’s good about it:  It’s a patch on the 2010.  Great balance, very interesting to drink and ultimately its good, just not great.

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