Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ben Nevis 16 year old - Abbey Whisky The Rare Casks

Part of a tweet tasting I missed out on but my friend didn’t.  He kindly saved me a small taste of each.  I’d never had a Ben Nevis before and I suspect this isn’t representative. 

Ben Nevis 16 year old - Abbey Whisky The Rare Casks, 55% B⊖


Nose – Rich, spiced rum and raisin with a big belt of wet cardboard.  Behind that there’s some fruity sweetness, some candied pineapple and an off-putting hint of sulphur.  Rich but wonky.

Body – Dark, smooth, raisins, then..

Finish – Sulphur.  Spicy wood, medium length, lingering sulphur.


What's not good about it: Sulphur, wet cardboard and unbalanced.

What’s good about it:  Lurking fruit and sweetness.  I suspect if you’re a person less susceptible to sulphur you’d find these a bit more apparent.

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