Friday, 10 January 2014

Balblair 1975 Second Release

Balblair are doing all the right things by all accounts.  I’ve somehow managed to miss out on trying any so far but when scouting for birth year whiskies I thought of this, and Johnnie Stumbler was kind enough to send me a sample (read his review here).  Its very good.

Balblair 1975 Second Release, 46% A⊕+ 


Nose – Oh man, deeply good.  Deep, sexy and supple, ancient wood, almost smoky – what a nose!  Rich, balanced tropical fruit, banana and mango salad.  There’s some kind of Asian edge to this with the savoury nose and some fresh, light gunpowder. 

Body – Ripe, baked apple, cereal backing, good sharpness and a delicious, savoury almost musky note to it.

Finish – Very long, sechuan peppercorns, a citrus sweetness like lemon sherbets, great side of the tongue action.  Extreme balance.  One of the best finishes I’ve experienced.

What's not good about it:  A little astringent if you’re just expecting a warm bath. 

What’s good about it:  Stunning in every way, nose is beautiful, finish is perfect.

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