Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Yellow Spot 12 year old

Advent Calendar 18/24.  Only a week until the big day!  I’ve been avoiding Irish whisky for the same reason that I’ve been avoiding posh gin.  I don’t need another obsession, and there’s only so much hard liquor that you can drink on a school night.  Still, needs must…

Yellow Spot 12 year old, 46% A+

Yellow Spot Whiskey

Aged in bourbon, Spanish sherry and Malaga wine casks.

Nose – Deeply rich and sherried, loads of dried apricots and dark mango.  A hint of butane.  Lightly spiced dark wood and bright notes of perfume and fresh wax.  Fantastically balanced.

Body – Sweet, tropical, and then a massive spice onslaught.  Very good, loads of wood structure and fruit.

Finish – Lingering tropical fruit, more wood spice and chilli.  Plenty of richness and complexity – floral, honeyed, spicy and complex with a herbal greenness behind that.   Right at the end this does wash away to leave a perfumed bitterness.

What's not good about it: A touch too spicy, lacks some finesse

What’s good about it:  Fabulous nose, loads of intensity and richness, smooth but bold.  Lovely.

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