Monday, 16 December 2013

Tomintoul 14 year old

Advent Calendar 14/24.  This is my first taste of Tomintoul, amazingly.  It won’t be my last.  The advent calendar is certainly paying dividends.

Tomintoul 14 year old, 46%, A⊕


Nose – Gently bright, some cereal sourness, lightly waxed, warm fruit and elegant malt.  Mango cordial, vanilla and floral, sweet and carefully structured.  Lovely.

Body – Clean, light wood, fresh mango and fruit, creamy oak. 

Finish – Long and structured, creamy fruit, gives way to structured, fizzy wood.  Very well balanced.

What's not good about it: Nose is initially too light but rewards further digging. 

What’s good about it:  Elegant, sure footed, beautiful to drink.  Excellent whisky – well made and a real pleasure.

This reminds me massively of the Arran 14, and the way in which its a bit better is complicated.  Its just more confident, less overt, a bit more elegant and that little bit more rewarding.  Compared to the Arran 14 – the nose is less chocolaty, more overtly fruity and brighter, but still with a similar malt richness and fruit backing.  The nose on the Arran is a bit better as its more intense.  Both are beautiful to drink.  On the palate, this is more elegant, less rich, just as structured and fizzy.  Both are fruity, well balanced and delicious but this Tomintoul is just that little bit more floral and accomplished..

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