Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Talisker Port Ruighe

Advent Calendar day 2/24 - I’m posting this a day late due to the fact that I had nine whiskies last night at the TWE People’s Vote tasting, and couldn’t do this justice coming back from London at midnight, somewhat worse for wear (and in any case, on the wrong day).  This is a sweeter, less peaty Talisker finished in ruby port casks.

Talisker Port Ruighe, 45.8% A-

TaliskerPortRuighe (1)

Nose – Dark, lightly waxed peat, crayons, then eventually some rich fruit, white grapes with a spicy, christmas malt backing.  Then a little smoked mackerel, which remains.

Body – Spicy, peppery, sweet, quite harsh peat, but quite balanced.  Wooded malt and pepper, with light fruit behind it and a salty, coastal demeanour. A bit of sprayed anti-perspirant.

Finish – The mackerel.  Finish is quite long but majors on pepper.

What's not good about it: By the numbers – a bit unremarkable.  The mackerel edge is a little off putting, the body is a bit miserly, if robust.

What’s good about it: Generally fault free, well balanced

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