Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Grant’s 25 Year Old

Advent Calendar 10/24.  Ah – hello track 5.  This is the most elegantly balanced whisky I’ve ever tasted.  And – is it the advent calendar reference that’s making these all so chocolatey?

Grants 25 Year Old, 40% A⊕


Nose – Rich, christmassy (although that could be projection of the time of year), very elegant but brightly fruity, very smooth.  Structured, hints of PVC cement, backing of tropical fruit balanced with wood.  Complex and fascinating.

Body – Rich, spicy, loads of chocolate and raisins.  Some bookcase, then polished furniture and light, balanced malt.  Effortlessly complex and smooth.

Finish – Perfect balance, a little drying note at the end counterpointed by a fruity finale.  Mango burps.  Big breeze of milk chocolate and malt through that ending – stunning.

What's not good about it: Finish is a bit short.  Longer finish and there’d be another + at the end of the rating.

What’s good about it:  Enormous elegance and balance, seriously delicious.  Whoever put this together (25 whiskies) is either very, very lucky or very, very good.  Despite the big bucks (£160) and the (relative to the cost and the other elements) shortish finish I’m seriously tempted.

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